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30 September 2008


>Oh yes! Tomorrow is Hari Raya! *doing the invisible stiring kuih dodol dance*
>You celebrate meh?
>So happy for what?
>I don't care man. As long as it is a PH, I'm happy!... Man! I can't spend!!!


So, tomorrow, for the first time in a long time, I'm going to spend my public holiday in a money concious manner. Usually, I throw money conciousness to the wind when I'm on holiday or off days. I mean, once in a blue moon, ok! If I suddenly want to buy a pink container which I don't need, so be it! If I suddenly want to buy pink blade, so be it! This is a testing moment in my life. Will I make it? Haha.. I'm just dramatizing this whole October Vow thing. Seems ridiculous but I think I wanna make it happen. Hopefully after this one month of self inflicted training, I will somehow turn to become a natural money concious person responsible and accountable for every penny I spend. I think I just need to avoid a few places such as Topshop, Vincci and Sushi Zanmai. I know, I'm so predictable, right?

Maybe I should make it a point to avoid McDonalds as well, seeing the very regular intake of their calorie laden and saturated fat contents. Suka-suka eat fries. Suka-suka eat chilli fries. Suka-suka waiting for train, eat choc sundae. Suka-suka don't wanna eat normal lunch, order McDelivery.

But that's another McMatter. I think I should just spend this wonderfully blessed two days sunbathing by the pool or watching dramas in my room or doing some reflexology at the rock garden. *yawn*.. I mean, wow! Can't wait. ;D


gary said...

keep off McEvil!!!
are you in kluang?

yvonne lee said...

i know... each time i eat McSomething, i feel my arteries slow down.. hehe..

nope.. in KL man... basking in its peace.