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28 April 2007

mini re-branding

Presentation just one week away. Exhibition just two weeks away. Finals just three weeks away. Internship just one month away. Dissertation just four months away. And hitting 50 kg soon. Hmm. My attention is needed. I need to get back to earth and stop swimming in the sea of worries and depression and hormonal imbalance. I have recently, over a bar of chocolate of course, decided to Let's not worry about everything that has past its one-hour-grace-worry-period and just get going on the current things. Even G2000 has re-branded their stores... There are pink, blue and black labels now. erm... OK, not relevant. I just need to go shopping sometime this decade.

I was spending some time browsing through this month's Cleo magazine and that was when I realize that it has started. Since when did I have time to read magazines? I need to chill first before I can come up with bright ideas, right? Anyways, have you seen the 50 Most Eligible Bachelors? Some of them are from the 8TV show 'What Women Want'. Why doesn't Charles look as cute as he was on-screen? I only have one hour to worry about this nowadays.

I have also spent some time looking through all recent photos in my pc (which is not much since I had my pc reformatted a few times in the past 6 months or so), and plucked out photos in which I felt happy. It felt better than chocolates.

One day I'm going to dig out all the older photos stuck in cds in which I felt happy and form a big big collage and use it as my header or background. Erm, hehe... when I find out how to do it, that is.

Also, I have started eating chocolates at a normal Yvonne-rate again. Have I told you I love to eat chocolates? Due to the recent series of feeling like flubber (badminton? what badminton?), I cut down on chocolates. Now that I have decided to, I feel much better.

A small feature on chocolates:
Once a long time ago, while I was munching on some chocolates, I asked Jiawei, "Dude, what does Yvonne like to do best?"
Jiawei looked up from whatever he was doing and said, "Buying shoes?"
I was, well, appalled. Hmmm. (Refer article "Do Guys Pay Attention?" in older issues of Cleo)

The next day, I randomly picked a classmate and asked the same question. "Vicki, what does Yvonne like to do best?"
Vicki looked up from the table on which she was resting her head and said confidently, "Eating chocolates."
"See? That's correct! My boyfriend said buying shoes!"
Vicki answered, "That one... true also."

Anyways, back to I know it is inappropriate but it is still better than the likes of "whatever" or "I don't care". At least you have done some critical thinking on the sujet du jour and when the solution seems to be risky, you say it and then you do it. I once told my stressed-up classmate and ex-class representative, David H, who worries more than three Yvonnes combined, to just say it. Let it out! Tell people off or something! Be free! He looked at me worried and said, "Yvoooonnnne..." OK, OK, very uncalled for. A while later I heard from a secret source he actually told people something like he needs his space too. David, if you are reading this, good for you!

Question no more! Focus on the Now! Work Your Way to a Stress-free New You! 50 Make Up Questions Answered! (er... in the meantime)

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

Disclaimer: Anyways, do take care to make sure you have done your best and your most for the best of the situation before applying OK?


agung said...
very professional indeed...

yvonne lee said...

of course! :D

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i'm lost..

yvonne lee said...

tell u in msn okie sho? this blog is rated "E"... :D or "U"

untuk semua lapisan masyarakat...

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