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09 April 2007

Post-holiday Spirit

Today, a schooling day after a two weeks break...

The alarm on my phone rings. I am still using Only One by Yellow Card(because I'm not so into fiddling with the functions on my phone anymore). Usually, I'll wake up to its dizzying intro and turn it off before the guy starts to sing. If the singer starts to sing, it means I'm having difficulties waking up. Today I didn't face any difficulties waking up because I was facing difficulties getting to sleep. My daily routine has gone haywire.

My, it is a terribly hot day! I haven't even left the house! Is this the start of the hot and dry season that everyone has been warning me about? Maybe I should start buying huge pails to store water with. Maybe you should too. I cannot imagine a day when I don't have water to bathe with (I love to bathe!). I think it will be the day I finally snap and go berserk.

Anyways, with a heavy heart and an aching body (from waking up early), I walked to college. You can tell that nobody wanted to be in the classroom this morning with most of us looking quite dead. The first two classes were actually quite interesting but I found myself staring at my Cactus Mineral Water bottle when I'm not taking down notes. Basically, I was stoning most of the time today.

Ah, lunch time! Maybe this will make my day more interesting? Ivan, who conveniently skipped the first two classes has decided to save Hajar, LiYin and I from the restaurants in college. We went to Vicchuda in Uptown for some Tomyum. Yum!

One of the more interesting details of the day was that I, Yvonne Lee, has finally started to like some clothes which were not Black, White or Black and White. Or the occasional plain blue, plain green, plain pink, plain red, plain, plain, plain, just plain.

In fact, the tee that I wore today had a grand total of 3 colours on them! Blue, Orange and Yellow! How fresh. Also, there were flowers, dragonflies and butterflies and doves and clouds and stars. I have never worn anything as cheery as this before. Good investment, I must say. A good start to a more colourful wardrobe? Maybe. But I can assure you that I'm not trying the Goth look with all my blacks and whites.

When I broke the news to Liyin and Ivan, they did a 'Thank God' look and congratulated me. Hajar was wondering why everyone seemed to realize that I have been wearing black and white all the time. "Where was I when all these happened?" she asked. "Maybe you were having your period at that time, Hajar," came the reply.

Anyways, if there was a tired person, that person was Hajar. She was very tired. In fact, when we got back to college, she has decided to sleep through the 3rd lesson. The rest of us, charged on Tomyum could still hang on at the back of the class.

During break time, I was chatting with Alex of Korea about his plans for internship and all that. Then came the topic of actually looking for a job here and settling down with his girlfriend and stuff. We also realized that the easiest way to get a PR is to marry a Malaysian. "Marry your girlfriend lah!" I said like it was as easy as pie. We then thought of the possibilities.

Liyin came back from the ladies and as she was taking her seat...

Alex: Hi! Wanna get married??
Liyin: Huh!
Me: He wants to marry you to get a PR!
Liyin: Oh... see la, see la..

And the lecture continues...

Lecturer: blah blah....something like an extrovert and an introvert.... Do you guys know what is an extrovert and an introvert? An extrovert is.... blah blah... for me, I'm an introvert in general but when I come to class, no choice..... etc etc etc...

Then, I decided to announce to my friends that I think I am an introvert.

"I think I'm an introvert!" I announced with an unusual burst of energy.
"I have a cuckoo bird!" exclaimed Ivan in immediate reply.
*blank for a moment*
*Ivan laughed at his sudden revelation*
"But that's not relevant!"

I do blame the heat.

Anyways, I decided that maybe I wasn't an introvert. If there was a word to describe me, what would it be? So I decided to ask Ivan, Liyin and Hajar.

Ivan: Chirpy
Liyin: I don't know...
Hajar: Extrovert (she said while trying to keep her eyes open)
Yvonne: You're not thinking, Hajar! You're just plucking words from Mr.Elan!

With that I decided that one day I shall conduct a survey on all my friends and ask them to describe me in one word. Just for fun! Of course, when I actually have the time to... :(

Wow, what a lot of things I have decided on today!

Class ended a bit early when the lecturer realize that his attempt to fully utilize his two hours was futile. I walked home under the blazing sun.

One final decision: I'm going to bring my Huge-by-Yvonne's-Standards giordano umbrella to school starting tomorrow.

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