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20 April 2007

Grow, plant, grow!

2 weeks ago, Ivan, who just came back from a trip to Bangkok (aaaand Singapore, lucky b******:), gave me this as a souvenir. A shot glass, some seeds and a pill. ERM...

"It is a plant!"
"Oh really? Will it look like wheatgrass?"
"I think so"
"No, actually it is quite ugly..."
"How do you know?"
"He gave me one earlier and I planted mine already"
"Oh, what does it look like then?"
"Dunno.. some leaves."

First Step:

Put the pill into the shot glass with some clean water.

Second Step:

Watch it grow into nutritious jelly (Don't eat it)

*It took about 5 minutes to expand into this but Hajar's one took 4 hours because she didn't remove the contents from the capsules... hehe! We just realized.

Third Step:

Place the seeds on top of the nutritious jelly. Voila, your plant is on its way to life!

Two days later:

"Is that a sprout? It is! Take photo!!!"

*Of course the roots came first but who cares, right?

"Two sprouts! Yay!"

A few days later:

"Whoa... I wonder how tall you guys are going to be."

"Come on! Achieving Forest Status soon!"

A few days later:

Erm, this is about as tall as they get. (Notice the champion sprout, the tallest one)

In fact, a few days later, I realized that the plant was in a Decline Stage. So I discussed with my fellow recipient of this cute plant thing on msn.

Yvonne: I'm blogging about my little plant... hehe!
Hajar: Ohhh..
Yvonne: It is at a stage where it is going to die already...
Hajar: Haih, my plant mati already.
Yvonne: Hahahahha! Why ya?
Hajar: Wakakaka
Yvonne: They just grow for a while and then die. Are we supposed to eat them?
Hajar: Noooo... please don't!

Anyways, I saw some spores growing on the jelly and I immediately decided to say sorry to the plants and removed it from my room. Now they are struggling for a few more days of survival in front of the tv. I wish you all the best, little plants in the shot glass! :D


*sho* said...


yvonne lee said...

erm, i didn't think they need sunlight because they already have food in the jelly.. well, i'll try that!

agung said...

hahaha. doh. obviously primary school science (fotosintesis) doesn't apply here...


yvonne lee said...

erm... well, i tried... it is not working...

*sho* said...

patience lo... huhuhu.. takes time to be "resurected". 'less - sorry to say - but, proly reached out for the light already :S

«ª~° [ ≈Já§MíÑ≈ ] °~º» said...

What pill is that? =P hehehe... It looks good! And seriously, I thought it was some jelly at first that can be eaten of course! =P

yvonne lee said...

haha... erm... just dried jelly in a pill.. not edible... can;t get high on it... won't get well from it... doesn't take sweet... food for plants pill...