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22 April 2007


-If we don't look like eager interns, who does?, 21 April 2007-

Yesterday Hajar and I went to KLCC for an all time, big time interview. Yup, the one I have been talking about. We do want this really badly. As in, BADLY. If we get this, we will jump around KLCC Park. If we don't, well on the brighter side, at least we have been there and left an impression. :D

So we decided to go to KLCC by LRT early in the morning. Hajar picked me up from my place and it was really sweet of her (thanks, hajar!) and we went to the nearest LRT station. Of course, we tried our best to look as formal as possible. As well groomed as possible. As well behaved as possible. As fresh faced as possible. As positive as possible. You know, all these need effort. We encouraged each other through msn, read through possible interview questions, prepared our folders, ironed our clothes, etc etc.

I've decided to wear my new suit. This suit was made by my mom. It looks like any other suits but with an open Mao collar. Just like one of those at G2000 and Padini. And it has only one layer so it is very airy and cooling. I know I will faint in the heat if I wore my usual jacket. I wore this new suit to Hilton two weeks ago and found out that I looked like their staff. -_-. No incidents until my friend Kelvin decided to lighten things up. "Can you please tell me a bit about this hotel?" "How should I know?" "You not working here meh?" Ish.

So I spent about 1/2 hour looking through everything in my little room for maybe a brooch, maybe a pin, a flower, a butterfly, whatever to make myself not look like a staff in case, God forbid, the uniform at MO has the same design. No such luck. College ID tag? No way. How come I never invested in a brooch? I'm sure they have some in designs catering to the younger crowd nowadays, right? hmm. I did find a "Visit Malaysia 2007" pin but it will probably make me look like I'm from the Sales and Marketing Department. Still better than Front Desk or Bell Boy. Then finally, I found this strip of inch-wide satin black ribbon and spent the next 15 minutes sewing it onto my jacket. Haha! Instantly less staff-like. Now, I probably read College Student. Or Not A Staff so Don't Approach Me. I was ready. To bed it is!

I woke up in the morning feeling like I have not slept at all because I didn't. I kept hearing little noises in the night and getting paranoid because there has been break-in cases lately at my area. It is always after you realize you need to wake up that you feel like you can really go to sleep.

The staff at MO were superbly professional and helpful. I think we felt pretty important even. This is the magic you get from a hotel (An upper 5-star one at that). This is where you see the results of every effort done to make sure everything falls into place in a flow. This is why I'm here. :). My chosen topic was Job Satisfaction and its relation to Job Performance. I'm assuming that the employees here are definitely satisfied. Everything went well but of course, when we talk about MO, it is never a possibility but a tiny little nanopixel of chance. We are still positive!

Later on, full from lunch at Manhattan's Fish Market (I later found out that Hajar actually wanted to eat at Burger King. So did I.) , Hajar dropped me off at my place. As I walked in past the security hut, I was still wondering if we will get any of the hotels we applied to when I heard the guard yelling,"Moi, lain kali turun depan sikit! Orang lain tak boleh masuk!" Referring to my friend blocking ONE very unimportant car from entering for about 10 SECONDS. No, 5 SECONDS. With NO traffic behind it. I just gave him an OK sign with a glance that says, "I'll make sure I have something to complain about you next time" and continued walking. This is where the magic does not exist. This is where everybody just want to get everything over and done with. This is what people escape to hotels and resorts for. This is why I'm here. :)


*sho* said...

hey, no picture of jacket?? sounded like a kewl way of sprucing up something "staff"-ey.. not bad vonne!

yvonne lee said...

I was wearing the jacket ma... see the ribbon is actually "acting" as a belt sort of thing... around my waist...

*sho* said...

oh ya.. er.. cant really see actually :S but u look good girl ;)