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11 April 2007

A Poem


Pucca_deph said...


D blog damn funny o. Although I was in that situation oso, but then after 're-enter' the situation from your blog, i feel very stupid and funny, hahahahahahahaha.... But it was really a memorable situation, kaka..

Although we have done all d stupid tins with d lists and telephone (especially), but d saddest tins is we still canot sell our boths, hiks hiks... So pity T,T

Nvm, at least got some photos and videos to show our hardworkingsss, hahaha....

Happy to have chance to know you betta and work wid u, hehe...

Note/Findings: U r s crazy s us, haha... (excellent good combination --> malay, indo, n korea)

>,< Devy the Operator

yvonne lee said...

haha!! it is really a pleasure to work with u guys too... very fun because i like speaking with you all.. different slang... different curse... etc etc.. haha! you mean you didn't know i'm crazy? :P