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01 May 2007

309-tales of a technophobe

Intro: You're in for a long read...

The first time I saw this particular promo poster, I questioned, "Why 309 ya? Is it like 4400 (the series)? Did they get lost somewhere too? Or maybe it is a date? 30th September? Is it a code?"

I very much later found out that it was actually 300. The extra splash of blood, which was a feature in this movie, made it look like 309. And it is about the ancient Greek world which is something I like to watch because I know oh-so-little about this part of history. And Brad Pitt made it look so glorious in Troy. I was just wondering how accurate these movies were. Anyways, I got the movie from Jiawei and was ready to watch it. Or was I?

I was craving for a movie. Any movie. Just to spend an hour or two staring at my laptop, not necessarily paying attention and comprehending whatever efforts that has been poured into the making of a movie. I wanted to Crunchyroll a Korean movie; probably a funny one with a really cute guy. No luck. Why is it loading so slow today? Leave it on for a while. OK. Something else in the meantime. Is my Grey's Anatomy 3 Epi 1 done? Nope. 80%. Aiyo... Looks like I'll have to settle for bloodbath 300. This is like a last resort thing. I wasn't in the mood for the Spartan's killing spirit. I was planning to keep this movie till when I really need the spirit to do-or-die. Then somehow my media player won't play it. Ar!! Why! ROar! I really want to watch a movie! Now I have even passed my nap time! Never mind- chillax. Use Gom. Ar!! Compatibility issues! ROar ROar!

I asked my housemate if she had any movies for me to watch. She had one Korean one which is superbly funny and has a cute guy in it. The BIG problem was they were speaking Korean and the subtitles were in Chinese. Ar! Why didn't I pay attention in Mandarin classes! Ar!! Then seeing my flustered face, she offered some old movies. I picked one which was still OK.... It was Casanova. I seriously don't know since when this show existed. Then, when I tried to play it, the player cannot read it because it is too scratched! My laptop actually told me that the cd is either too scratched or is dirty. Since when did laptops do that? Even my 3M fibre cloth thing couldn't help. I'm doomed.

*dialled Jiawei's number* "Dear! Why cannot watch?! Stress! Help!"

Upon Jiawei's advice, I downloaded another player will most probably play this file. It is taking too long. OK. Give up. Technophobes usually do this when the second available option fails. To nap it is.

When I woke up, I found that the file which I have been downloading for so long was not really an installable file... Not that I know what I'm talking about. It just doesn't work, OK? Delete button is the only option for you now, you sorry little waste of space! I just don't like my desktop to be so cluttered... :D

Then I thought, it is OK. My Korean movie should be done by now. Oh yeah, it is. I cooked my new found favourite egg noodle (healthier than Maggi, I suppose, because I'm on a Maggi strike [because they wouldn't come to my exhibition]) and made my teh-O panas and settled down to watch. I managed to watch the first 2 minutes of silence and whispering and then it jammed when the lead actor was appearing. Ar!! ROar! Why! I just really wanted to watch a movie!

*dialled Jiawei's number* "Opah! Help! Everything just won't work!"

After Jiawei helped me calm down, I decided to abandon the whatever player and take matters into my own hands. Download a new Gom (of course Jiawei suggested this too). Finally, after a few minutes, it worked!

*dialled Jiawei's number* "Opah! Can redi! Can watch redi! I graduated!"

Jiawei said he was proud of me and is happy to see that I have this spirit. Because then he wouldn't have to be on call to help me solve my techno-probs all the time. Well, not like he was studying or anything at the moment. It is my right, right?

Anyways, finally getting to watch 300 was like this glory you feel after you win a war. Gosh, these people were harsh on their kids. The people of Sparta were all good looking. I know, I know, they discard the not-so-good babies but everyone looked good. The men looked like Brad Pitts in Troy and the women had serious curves. Then when King Leonidas decided to bring some 300 men to "take a stroll, stretch their legs" and sort of secretly defend Sparta against one million Persians, they looked like 300 Brad Pitts in Troy taking strolls and stretching legs. Did I mention that I just wanted to watch a movie to stare at the pc for an hour or two without paying attention?

As I was about a few minutes into the movie, I suddenly heard someone talking in Korean. Oh, NOW the movie, which jammed earlier, decided to play. What just happened? I really don't know. Sigh. I wish I knew. Hmm. Anyways, to stop the Korean movie for the meantime, I could have just clicked "pause" but I clicked "X". So, there goes Part 1...

One thing I realize was that this 300 movie had a lot of blood. Blood splashing, spurting, dripping. However, I don't see any blood on the ground. Totally CGI I think. Something like when I watch Jiawei play World of Warcraft. The dead people will bleed and then somehow the blood and bones will disappear. Did I miss the housekeeping team? I don't really rationally know what I'm saying. Anyways, I saw that when the Spartans decided to kill the messengers, they stabbed, the blood spurted but when the guys fall into the well, they don't have any wounds or blood stains. Hehe. I know I'm not supposed to look so much into this movie. But I think it was very "yeng" (gaya, stylo mylo) of the Spartans each time they charge forward.

After that movie, it was about time for me to do my laundry because they have been soaking for about 4 hours now. My MSN nick read:
"doing laundry... as usual... my favourite activity of all time.. whoa... woohoo... yay... tres bien..."

Boy, was I washing. For victory! For clean clothes! My two hands against you big pile of laundry! ROar!

Anyways, washing clothes is one of the most hated chore around. After ironing clothes. And washing dishes. I just can't take it anymore! My skin is very sensitive!! ArR! Wear gloves? But the substance inside gloves are the main cause of my finger's sensitivity. No choice. But then, hand-washing clothes gives you a sense of confidence towards the outcome of the clothes later. How many times have you thrown your clothes into the washing machine and have them come out disfigured, discoloured and so crinkled you need to steam them before ironing? This question is not applicable to males.

OK, we have Japanese washing machine nets for the above. I was just consoling myself.

After the laundry, I saw that the Epi 1 of Grey's Anatomy is done! 100%! Whoopie! I'm really into technology now... My first downloaded episode of a series. Cool stuff. I right clicked and there was no "Open with..." Sigh...



Siti Hajar Adnan said...

vonne, try to use VLC..
go to downloads and search for VLC, this player all also can play..

at least u get to watch something after dl it, mine? ADA PASSWORD and cannot be crack! huhu..

300 brad pitts? I AGREE TOTALLY! and how can u see all that? i meant, no blood on the floor or whatsoever.. giler concern ! hehehe..

yvonne lee said...

haha... i was downloading that VLC la.. then it didn't work... dunno why... nvm.. Gom is very cute... and i notice all that because this director likes blood and i was paying attention to where the blood goes.. hehe!

*sho* said...

vonne... yes, it was LONG. haha. but i read everything!*clap clap* but question(s):
1. "Roar"??
2. since when do u call jw "Opah"?? how come never hear before wan? tht brings me to the 3rd...
3. we haven't seen each other for obviously a loong time (note no.2) so

*sho* said...

see u after my exams k? ^^
4. have fun with Grey's 3rd season.. damn addictive. i cant find episode 19 onwards. if you have, borrow ya??


yvonne lee said...

dear sho,

1) *clap clap clap!* :D
2)ROar-ing was something i got from the movie 300... King leonidas was roaring all the time... so semangat..
3)Opah= means 'abang' or 'sayang' in korean... hehe! i'm too affected by movies...i know...
4)yes! after your exams we shall meet come rain or shine!
5)epi 19? dunno... maybe it is not out yet? hmm...

*sho* said...

yea.. since u mention it. he roared and roared and roared.. geez.

"OPAH"! so cute lar... i should call vek aneh... hehehe.. no no. not right

yvonne lee said...

somehow i like to see his straight teeth when he roared...
hehe.. why is aneh wrong? hmm... macha?