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07 April 2007

as fit as a fiddle!

I was once again planning to lament and blabber about how I'm so busy and stressed and so on when I realized that it would defeat the theme of this blog. Therefore, I'm going to show you a very positive update in my life. I, my dear friends, have begun to take my health seriously. Yes, the neglected one since 2003 (after leaving the comfort of home and ever green nutritious food). I shall start from my fitness point of view because I know I will never eat right while still in college.

Just an introduction to my health or fitness situation:

-my fitness chart-

As you can see, there were dramatic drops at age 12, 15 and 18. I blame the 3 major exams which are UPSR, PMR and SPM. I did try to make up to my health by taking Brand's Essence of Chicken during these dreadful times but the level continued to drop and especially so when in college. It dropped from ZERO to PIG in within 2 years. I knew I had to do something before something happens to me (OMG, I'm Still ALive?).

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to exercise. Last Thursday, Jiawei and I decided to play Badminton. The game that I used to play as a small kid when my fitness level was at All Time High! (I was pretty good then:). I later attempted to play badminton again in high school when my fitness level was at Improvements Needed and I decided to quit to save myself from embarassing myself and my dad (who used to coach people).

This time, I don't really care. I need to sweat! So I brought my Carlton racquet and Jiawei's Yonex racquet (England vs. Japan?) from Kluang on my way back last week. I forgot to bring some of the dozens and dozens of shuttles kept in my storeroom so we had to buy some shuttles which were of poor quality and high price and no brand. I never knew that these things actually cost money.

-RM3.33 each!-

Dad will be very proud of his shuttles from yesteryear. So, tools, checked. We were ready.

-A photo before I sweat, of course-

-Jw complete with towel and wrist band-

How did it go? We played for about an hour. Well, maybe less. The problem lies in the fact that I didn't sweat as much as I wanted to. Even when Jiawei tries to make me run for the shuttle cock. Has my body forgotten what it was like to exercise and sweat? Hmm.. To make up for that, I even ran around the court 4 times before we left. But to no avail. Nevermind. SlooOOoooOowly does it. I have decided to make it a weekly thing. *Nod.*

And as a result of this exercise debut, as you can see from my fitness chart, I have graduated from Pig! to Terrible. Wheeeeeee! :D


*sho* said...

woman.. before this, u have never played badminton since u were a kid?? hey nxt time u feel like sweating out again, call me ya :) haven't played in a looong time too.. heehee. er.. call me after May :P examss...

p/s: wah.. jw real semangat with wrist band all O_o*

yvonne lee said...

since that time i decided to be lazy and not follow my dad to his badminton classes.. heehee! okie after may then!

agung said...

whoa! the poses for the camera shots must've been one heck of a workout too!

yvonne lee said...

hey! we no posers! hahaha! as natural as... day and night?