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09 September 2007

grown-ups stuff

What is Yvonne doing apart from having fun (on the surface)?

Looking for a job.

Looking for a new pad.

Looking at a new direction in life.

I don't like turning 22. I don't like doing adult stuff. I don't like to have to think like an adult. I don't like all these responsibilities. I don't like to worry. I don't like insecurities. I don't like uncertainties. I don't like thinking about what the future holds for me. I don't like making decisions. Each little step will affect my whole future.

But do I have a choice? No.

Thinking about it, I try to pacify myself by thinking that at least I have the chance to face all these things. At least I have a chance to choose. At least I can think for myself.

Right now, I just wish someone will just guide me and direct me. But I know I'll have to walk this path myself. Sigh. Why did I have to know that? Craps.


agung said...

welcome to my life.

Philip said...

Well Well~ look wat we have here~
Our little girl has grown up! Hey life is always miserable, its just see how u handle and pass thru all those "Distraction". ^^

yvonne lee said...

"nobody said it was easy... no one ever said it would be this hard..."


Gary Chia said...

erm try wikipedia?

yvonne lee said...

erm... what talking you, gary?

agung said...

... at gary myself.

*sho* said...

lol! try looking at wikipedia for directions.. lol! gary gary (shakes head)

every once in a while, we'll come to this cross road and start to question ourselves. (and get mad at oursleves for being in such a spot) not too long ago i was caught in the same predicament myself.
breath, embrace every moment, try not to worry. you're never alone.

ps : happy 22nd, hun.. you'll love your decisions sooner or later

yvonne lee said...

thanks shobeee... :D