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24 May 2009

going green

.... and I thought I was a bit paranoid with taking care of my little potted plant Bobbee and his new water-based sister Dee-Dee. When they look kinda wilt-ish, I water them and touch their leaves to make sure they know I'm there. I even introduce them to all my colleagues. But I just found out there are people who takes this more seriously than I ever did!

Maxine: Psst!!
Me: *whisper* yes? er, why are we whispering?
Maxine: *whisper* Ms Nora is going to give you one of her.. wait

*use her palms to cover Dee-Dee so Dee-Dee won't hear our conversation.

Maxine: .. going to give you one of her plants. Also water-based. You have to think of a new name for it and think where to put it!
Me: *whispers back* OK! Let's see... not sure. Have to see it first!

*removes palms around Dee-Dee*

Maxine: OK. I'm going to inherit one of the plants as well. Do you think Emily is a good name?
Me: Sounds nice! One of the more popular names.. but..
Maxine: Each time I think of Emily, I think of Emily Rose
Me: Yes, exactly what I wanted to say. Better not.

Our Front Office Manager treats her plants like her pets as she speaks to them and praise them when they look fresh and pretty. She's being promoted and is leaving to another sister hotel for her new challenges but sadly, her pets cannot follow... so we are inheriting it!

FOM: Its OK. You'll have a new owner who will take good care of you. Really good care, OK?

At first I thought it was just basically speaking to the plants in general... like how are you all today?

But she acknowledges each of them and with a meaningful look. Like having a conversation. No wonder they are so healthy. Wow. I thought I was alone in this world where I'm the only one who talks to inanimate objects until now! So, I'm pretty normal after all. Try suing me for talking to my plants!

On the day we inherited the plants...

Maxine: Awww... I shall name you Lovely... Yvonne, is Lovely a good name for her?
Me: Yeah, she is lovely after all..
Maxine: And you, Beauty... aww... tomorrow I'll clean you up, OK?

You see, Maxine is new to plants. So this is like her first baby. There is bound to be more fuss and frills for these plants. Like the first time parent, the baby has priority in everything. Even a place on her desk.


Maxine: So, what are you going to name your new family member?
Me: Well, I'm going to buy a bigger bowl and merge Dee-Dee with him and they can flourish and have lotsa leaves(children) together...
Maxine: How did you know the new plant is a male? How sure are you?
Me: hmm... I guess it doesn't matter.. they are.. erm.. homos...
Trainee: *choke choke*
Maxine: Hmm.. that will do.

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