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13 April 2009

monday rocks for once

Am on leave today and man, do I love being off on weekdays. I mean, you can hear the birds chirping!! I still can, by the way. Look at me! Loving and living life at 9.00am! Hahaha...

The best part about not working on Mondays is the semi-smugness you feel as you watch people going to work grudgingly, majority of them silently cursing in their heads, "wtf. wtf. wtf." Some still thinking about yesterday's party. Some still thinking of that top on 50% discount during their Sunday shopping spree, "Should I have bought it?" Some wondered if they remembered to pack their Easter chocolate eggs. Some just did not seem to have woken up as they snoozed all the way, heads bowed low and handbags slipping away with files dropping out of their "Save the Environment" shopper bags.

I took my mommy to the train station and on the way back, I saw a later batch of people going to work. They also have the same look and the almost same invisible speech bubbles except that theirs said "wtf" in capitals. Like, "WTF". Maybe they were running late? hmmm..

I'm going for a swim and sunbath now. Ta!

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Lenny said...

oopss... sounds like me!!! LOL