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11 April 2009



It is past Good Friday now.

Before this, I told myself that the moment I reach Saturday, I shall eaaaaaaaat chocolates! Like I mean it! Like a big kid, I announced that I'm going to hunt down alllll the Easter Bunnies Chocolates and eat 'em all! Move aside kiddies! (To which my bossy pointed out that it wasn't what Easter is all about. I know...)

But it has been a whole 23 hours and I did not gobble chocolates like I'm having THAT time of the month x 12. x 12!


Because to fast is not about to end up indulging in it later on, right? Then, it would just be self torture.

Anyways, no chocs and no meat for me yesterday for Good Friday. One of my colleagues joined me on the Vegetarian flavoured Maggi cup noodles lunch yesterday. For her religious purposes, she has her own meat-fasting vows for Tuesdays and Fridays.

"I'm not even supposed to have sex on these days."

"And not even think about it!" she announced.

To which we were quite sceptical. o_o

"But I can't help it la."

By the way, we had a farewell party that day in the staff lounge and, man, were the desserts deeelicious. Ooh, mini strawberries. Ooh, watermelon. Ooh, tiny oval-shaped choc cake with super big chocolate chip shaped choc topping and mini chocolate piece stuck on the choc topping created by our pastry team. You just can never over-do chocolates. Everything goes.

*pops a piece into my mouth*

"mm..... MMm!!! MMM!!!!"
"What? What? Does it taste bad??" asks Maxine trying to understand my mumbling which suddenly turned too exciting.
"hmm? oh! Cho-co-late?" Spit it out! Spit it out!"


"It's OK. You didn't swallow it."
"Yeah... Man, that was good cake over there."
"It's OK. Only 2 more days to go."

I can almost imagine people shaking their heads disapprovingly.

The in came my dessert buddy Iris, prancing happily into the office.

"So, is our brownie plan at DELIcious still on?!"
"hahaha... yes, yes..."

Happy Easter, people! :D

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