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03 January 2009

Macau and Hong Kong!

Story-telling time!

So for my year end time-out, I went to Macau and then Hong Kong!

Macau first... lots of big hotels and casino!

This is MGM's interior:
Then we went to the city square... Christmas decorations were still up and carols can be heard everywhere!

At the Grand Lisboa:
I couldn't resist taking a photo in the streets.. the streets in Macau are mostly very narrow. The roads are narrow and you rarely see tar roads! Lots of stones and marble flooring...
And we finally came to the little coffeeshop which they normally call Char Chan Teng in Macau and Hongkong. This one specializes in steamed eggs and steamed milk pudding. Very eggy and milky to me.. haha.. and I tasted the pork chop bun for the first time!
Another pretty alley..
The next day, I finally understood how common the pork chop bun is. Everyone eats pork chop bun! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper.. always available! Like nasi lemak. And it usually goes with milk tea. I love it! We're talking about a piece of pork fried to perfection... not minced meat with what-nots.
and then, after walking a while, it was lunchy-teatime! What else but Portugese egg tart! yummers... and after lotsa heavy taste, it all washes down very well with this fave drink of mine-chrysanthemum with honey and lemon.soon it was night time and we went to the ruins which is the icon and memorial of Macau!
and for a taste of Portugese food to complete the trip, we had these for din din! whoa! Pork ribs!
View from my friend's house. The buildings here are pretty much old and small but fetches premium rent rates.
Look what we saw at a bus stop! Furry Friends' Toilet. No more digging required and loads of privacy.
Look what they call Guardian there in Macau and Hong Kong! Manning! I found this so amusing...And then we went to The Venetian. A hotel cum mall cum casino with Venetian theme.

They have little boat rides and the lady who rows it can also sing beautifully. This is what I call multitasking!

The ceiling of the mall is purposely elevated and painted to emulate the look of the skies. Very real! well, when you don't notice the shadows... o_oI don't know what you call these entertainers but they stand there and don't move for a long time. Some rich tourists actually threw money at him to get him to move for them... hmm. I don't think I will want his job...

Jesters too!
Me and Weilynn! We took this photo to make a thank you card for Shiowling and Chris for letting us bunk in their love nest. haha... Moving on to HongKong!
Before that, Jen jen brought us around before taking the ferry to HK. We went to the Fisherman's Wharf for some photo op!
They have gingy there!
While waiting for the ferry. Overlooking the Sands Hotel.
After an hour's ride, we see land!!
Ah, we're here! Welcome tea set at Kowloon Shangri-La...
We got lost! So we took photos. Haha...
We found ourselves always at these zebra crossings. The buzzing sounds of the traffic lights made us so kan-cheong! It will go tick-tick-tick then when it is time for pedestrian to cross, the ticking will go faster and faster! Like ticktickticktickticktick!
We walked so much that we decided that this is why there are not many fat people in HK.
In the MTR! We bought the Octopus (Pat Tat Tong) card and it can be used to go anywhere on the MTR. And if you actually top up money into it, you can use it for tram rides, ferry rides, and even use it to buy things in 7elevens.
Avenue of Stars which is just behind our hotel. At night, the lights are just preeeetty!
Look, the carpet in the lifts of Shangri-La actually shows the day. They change it everyday. How convenient! We'll never lose track of the days now. haha!

First stop will be City Hall to eat dimsum which is highly recommended by so many friends.
At Maxim Palace!We had to go early to avoid long queues and we actually ended up there at 10.15am. The place opens at 11.00am. Yup, we were the first. Hungry and impatient, we took photos!
That's Weilynn doing research for our next destination. The City Hall is so well designed and modern.
By 11.00am, there was already a big crowd outside Maxim Palace. We're in!

On a full tummy, we walked and walked around Central till we found Stanley Market. Very hilly place this Central.

And then we saw an escalator which will bring us to Mid Levels. Where is that? Whatever, let's go!

After about 20 over escalators, there were still lots more to go. Photo time!
We reached Mid Levels and then realise it was really just the mid levels. We either go up to The Peak or go back down. Up it is! We took a cab because... we got lost!!

So we reached the peak and decided to go up The Peak Tower which gave us even better view of HK than the ordinary ground of the peak. So it was the peak of the peak! Costed HKD20 though. haha...

The Peak Tower also houses an EA games station. Probably to keep the kids appeased while the parents take a romantic stroll on the tower. But then again, I spot many big kids too...
Astro Boy at Peak Gallery! This shop is so cool!
We took the tram back down to Central. It was the best and fastest way back and indeed an experience! So steep!!We went around Central and went to Times Square. This place is huge! Can't resist posting this photo. A Carrie Chau Gallery in Times Square. Very cute!
The next day we decided to explore The Avenue of Stars and Tsim Sha Tsui!

Beautiful view of the island from here...

There were a few tin men shaped after calafares in a movie set. This one is or a director. Retro director.So many Hong Kong stars! I took a photo with Tony Leung. Remembering the Infernal Affairs trilogy which I watched before setting off.. haha..

At Tsim Sha Tsui, we took a ferry across to Central to explore the IFC and IFC mall. The IFC is that tallest building you see on the island. Probably the most filmed building too!
Star Ferry! Very cool and only costs HKD2.20 for upper deck. Lower deck is only HKD1.70.

We took an MTR back to Kowloon and then headed off to the airport. Time for bye bye! sobs!

The view of HK from the plane was amazing! This is a lousy shot but you get the idea...
I'm gonna wear the "I Love HK" tee shirt now and mean it!

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