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28 May 2007

first day @ work!

Today was my first day as a nine-to-fiver in KL. All my other internships has been in Subang or Langkawi so this one is a first. I have to take 2 trains to get there. TWO! And oh, how packed were they. All of us commuters were packed like sardines. No, wait, more like Ayam Brand's tuna in mayonaise (Not the tuna chunks types; too much space. Tuna in mayo.) Have you ever poured out the contents of a can of Ayam Brand's Tuna in Mayo and realize that that little can could fit one whole cereal bowl of tuna in mayo? I was amazed when I first realized. Today, I was also amazed by how an already packed coach can actually still fit in 10 more people at each stop. I wonder.

Anyways, this is the way of life and this is how it will be for the next few months. Doh! I should have signed up for "Uncle Van". This uncle drives a van and caters only to students doing internship in KL. Each trip is RM5 so if you go to and fro, it is RM10 per day. Not bad for the luxury of being driven from and to the doorsteps. Also, I suspect this uncle is very rich. He makes a few trips a day because of the various working shifts of hotels. Smart entrepreneur. Where there is a demand, there is a supply. My two trains cost me RM5.80 plus people stepping on the tip of my pointed shoe (new) and risk falling victim to pickpockets and also having to walk an average of 600 m (through KLCC and the convention centre) and having to cross the railway tracks which is actually the cause of the death of an unlucky man about a week ago. Sigh. Do pray for my safety.

Hmm.. Maybe I should ask Jiawei to think of doing an "Uncle Van" stint during his 3 months break.

Yeah right.

Anyways, can't tell you much about my work yet because we spent the day doing our orientation, looking at hundreds of slides and oohing and aahing during the House Tour. The staff at Human Resources were mostly away at training in their mothership hotel and so we were briefed by another trainee who has been there for 5 months. He is also our junior. By leaps and bounds. But we were too polite to point that out when all the staff who met him said, "Wah, so now you are the senior showing your juniors around ya!" -_- *roll eyes* Thinking to myself, "Like, can't you tell who are the pioneers here? Hello?"

Anyways, he was nice. I must say.

It was a tough day. Really tough. What a chore! Such difficulty to stay awake! I knew this was going to happen as it always happen on the first day of work and so I even took some time to heat up my essence of chicken and took it before I left home. No such luck. Still yawning and tearing. I wonder why. We also had our nametags done and they told us we can request whatever name we want to on the nametags and my friends who saw a permanent staff with "Ronaldo" comtemplated getting "Ronaldhino". I don't know what is the outcome yet. I put Yvonne. (Surprise!)

Other summaries include that we found out that the food at the cafeteria is somewhat not what I have expected to be getting since I expected that a hotel in the middle of KL should have somewhat fantastic cuisine to fatten up their staff to face the higher stress of commuting. What irony. No wonder the staff are so thin. Maybe I should think of this as an advantage. And oh! we got to leave early today! Wheee! For one day only but it was still worth a mention. :D! I am looking forward to tomorrow for another day of fun and excitement(I sort of 50% mean it)!

PS: I can't wait to watch Shrek this Saturday! :D (I sort of 100% mean it)


Steffi the Numbnut said...

Try Old Town White Coffee to keep yourself awake. As Elaine said, it made her want to sing, dance and jump about after drinking it.

yvonne lee said...

haha... i patron old town like it is my second home... and am immune to the caffeine effects... so..... no choice. hehe!

agung said...

haha! jw driving you... haha!

yvonne lee said...

yes, haha!