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14 May 2007

I Love You, Mommy

-Mother's Day 13 May 2007-
Breakfast with mommy, daddy and sis Lisa @ Kluang Station before I left for KL

I love my mommy. And my mommy loves me. She has given me so much and done so much for me... including chasing lizards out of the way when they block my way to the toilet. And making excuses for me when my dad tries to make us go climb Gunung Lambak at 6.30 am in the morning. And she can really sew! And she can crochet. And she can cook really wicked food. And she bakes! And she regularly updates me on the world news. And on the latest news in and about home. And she takes my nonsense without questions. Even crocheting 2 sets of clothes for my little stuffed tiger, Mushroom.

Seriously, my mom is the best mom in the world!


*sho* said...

eek! u went back too ^^ so did i, short trip.
Happy mother's day, Aunty :D

yvonne lee said...

me also short trip... just for mommy.. :D

Siti Hajar Adnan said...

i wish my mom was here. sigh