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14 May 2007

Food Life Style of Tomorrow!

Convenience Food Exhibition 2007 - Food Life Style of Tomorrow
11 May 2007
Taylor's College School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The exhibition that me and my classmates have been fussing about for the past 3 months was finally over. Here is a short summary...

It was a success! Everybody showed really good teamwork and were independent in that everyone knew what they had to do and somehow everything just turned out really well.

The exhibition covers 3 areas. The Exhibition Hall where the exhibitors exhibit their products and also give our food and drinks sample, which were the main attactions. Then there is the Auditorium where we held our Convenience vs. Health Forum with speakers from SJMC,UPM and also our own lecturer who have done studies on food sociology.. or something like that. Then we have the courtyard where all the fun stuff and happenings happen.
-The exhibition hall-

-The panel of speakers at the Forum-

-The courtyard early in the morning-

-We never resist photo opportunities-

We thought the crowd will not be so fantastic but we were wrong. It was overwhelming.

Part of the attraction was the chance to win 2 air tickets to Jakarta courtesy of KLM-Air France. Therefore you can see the little blue booth on the right being crowded with people filling in contest forms. The crowd was also there to cheer their friends on in the Lunch Munch competition and the Best Zest Squeezer contest!

-What a mouthful and squeezeful-

The guys mostly took part in the Lunch Munch where they have to eat up 4 pieces of healthy Gardenia Breakthrough bread and the girls took part in the Best Zest contest. The guys who failed the Lunch Munch were also spotted trying the Best Zest. Haha.. our prizes were too attractive? Maybe. RM50 cash vouchers for Daorae Korean BBQ and even RM100 Hampers from Boh Tea. Even losers get RM20 cash vouchers. What's not to like, eh?

The participants had a lot of fun. Even our lecturers couldn't resist and took part too. The last picture on the bottom right are some of them. Haha!

All of us had fun too!
-Some of us-

-All of us-

In a nutshell - success! Hopefully our photo will appear in the front page of our next college magazine. I'm working on it. In the mean time, yay!

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