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27 February 2007

economics: The Aftermath

As I moved Fishy the Fighting Fish (name changed back by popular demand) to my study table to keep him company, I realized that, whoa, my table was quite packed! As I suffered through completing that economic project for the past few days (yes, finally completed!), I have become like 'L' from Deathnote by eating lotsa chocolates, drinking teh-O panas with sugar(kurang though) and I didn't even bother putting my desk into order. I just didn't stare at my laptop through my eyebrows and squat ah-beng-like on my plastic chair like he does on his expensive leather seat. Have I mentioned that I think that actor is really cute? Heehee. Well, I do.

I don't know why I have to do this to you, but I have decided to show you my table.

Yvonne's desk

Complete with a guide too!
1) Fishy the Fighting Fish a.k.a Pish. Currently taking residence in my place due to some Feng Shui issues. When I type, he just stares at me in that one position like trying to decipher whatever Morse Code-like message that I'm sending out. No, I do feed him on time. Anyways, do look out for "Tales of a Travelling Fish" at your friendly bookstores! One day.

2) God of Fortune (hidden behind my laptop)
I got him in a hamper some time ago. I'm going to bring him to France next week for the Festivals Booth. :)

3) Strong Message
Strong message.

4) Family Portrait
To remind me that I have to be motivated to study and complete assignments because each hour in class costs over RM60 (as calculated by my classmates)

5) Teh-O Panas (Large)
Jiawei says at the coffeeshops, we have to order "teh-O nga-lat" to get teh-O in a big glass instead of the small mug. Anyways, my current housemate did a study on Boh Tea and told me that what we get in Malaysia is just the tea dust. The good stuff are mostly exported. Don't know if this information caused me to buy Lipton Tea.

6) Stress Ball
Always a friends, always smiling. I got it at a career fair in my school. No job= stress! I had to shamelessly ask 3 friends to sign up for this job-seeking company to get this ball! Worth it though...:)

7) My Pendrives
One is never enough. Well, one for word assignments and another for tranferring pictures and the latest episode of Prison Break!

8) Toyota Calendar
A gift from Jiawei (he got four). Well, atm, it just help to make my rush my assignments and remind me of the coming study trip. Also, to remind me to look right, look left and to my right again before I cross the road.

9) Photo of me and Jiawei
Because I'm a girl.

10) Cadbury Bars x 5
This is the only item which I placed there purposely before I shot this picture. I keep my chocolates in the fridge, ma. I eat one a day when I'm at my pc and always accompanied with my Teh-O.

11) Handphone/ calculator
To call my friends for data and to calculate the GDP growth percentage. My calculator was in my bag about a metre away!

12) "Oi, STudy!" sign
Don't know if you can read it but that little Samsung memo pad holds a little sign.

13) Ikea Potted Plant in white ceramic pot
The plant is there for Fishy to feel closer with nature even when kept in a recycled 100plus bottle!

14) Spider on a Coffee Cup
The spider ring is actually a Halloween leftover and the coffee cup (gosh, why do I hog stuffs) is an event leftover. I wanted to know which company to get those cups from when the need arises.

15) Ninth Malaysian Plan
Yeah, I read through the whole chapter 8... -_-

Either you are bored or you just love me to have read to this end. hehe. Either ways, I appreciated it! :)


agung said...

you most definitely must be way ahead of schedule to be able to find the time to blog all this!

yvonne lee said...

hehe! compared to what i have to typed out everyday, this is nothing! type away!!!

*sho* said...

lol.. wanted to say what dave said.. guess he said it all :P i say, vonne, cute mousepad. what say you?

yvonne lee said...

hehe.. a pretty common one too... anyways, i feel that the multi-coloured polka dots give different feedback to my mouse so my cursor goes cranky sometimes...