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11 February 2007

a discrimination?

-I don't mind working here-

First of all, no lah... no drama.

I was staring at this sign during lunch at Nando's yesterday with Jiawei (I really should pay attention to what I'm eating) and I couldn't help but misinterpret it, on purpose, in different ways and poke fun at it.

Is it a discrimination? So, if I'm not hot I can't go in there? My observation : Well, NO...

Is it a "hygiene factor" under one of those motivational theories? (I have OB assessment this week) You know, provide a good working environment to make employees have more pride in their jobs, increase job satisfaction and productivity. hmm... perhaps, perhaps.

Did they even think about all these during the process of making this sign? I do think I'm thinking too much into this sign. * I foresee some nods at this point*

The Process : Were they just trying to make it look different and cool... you know, the whole peri thing. Then, I think they should have used "Only Peri Peri Hot Staff Allowed" since they loved to use the Peri Peri term so peri much. hmm...Maybe there isn't enough space. Or white ink. Or maybe,then, it would sound too cheesy.

My conclusion:

Don't know about you but if I'm working here, everytime I walk past that sign and into the 'Restricted Area', I would feel terribly flattered! :)

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