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13 February 2007

and so it is...

Deep down in my heart, I knew this day would come.

The day when my neighbour attempts to sing The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice.

Actually, it was a 50-50 between The Blower's Daughter and You're Beautiful by James Blunt.

My guitar strumming (probably self-taught) neighbour is a very musical person. He can break into songs for whatever reason you may imagine and it sort of gets creepy when he doesn't. You might start asking if he had 'gone to the next dimension' because that's the only reason for him not to break into a song. Otherwise, you can guess that his college is having a long break and he has gone back to his hometown.

It certainly does not help that the wall between my room and his is about as sound proof as 10 sheets of pink A4 papers (yes, no difference). Even my friends who have been to my place confirm this.

So far, I have gotten used to his 'jammin' sessions' and what I assume to be band practice. I really don't mind it when he sings and sings because everyone is entitled to their own space, right? It just gets very irritatin when he starts and can't stop. And it goes on and on and on... and oh, it's 3 am. Good morning!

The main problem, though, is that his voice is not what I would classify as bearable. I have since named him Cringe Inducer. Sometimes you'll just go about doing your thing and then he starts singing and then you just cringe and get this shiver down your spine which makes you shake a little. I usually just go, "ewhH" and continue with my thing. The only thing that gets me angry is how he very deliberately goes on and on and makes himself sound like a donkey. Yes, deliberately!

But The Blower's Daughter? Aih, mixed feelings here. I liked this song ever since I heard it in the movie Closer. Though I have not found out what it meant, I feel it is quite nostalgic and emotions-provoking. Sort of makes you stop and reflect for a while before getting on with life. A friend recently told me that this is one of the songs which you listen to when you are really sad. I guess you have a good cry with it and move along. Probably after that, listen to Move Along by All American Rejects to get the oomph back in to your steps. hmm... but now I have to cringe. I wonder how long will I take to heal.

Anyways, why 50-50 between The Blower's Daughter and You're Beautiful? I think both these songs are different from the rest in the sense that they have a little whine at the edge. Don't know if you get me here. Something different and acceptable and unique to these 2 artistes. Only them, OK.

In the duration of the past 4 months, my non-existent sound proofing factor has given me lots of information about Cringie (ooh! new name!) I don't eavesdrop, OK. These sounds were just forced into my ears and somehow they were processed into data. So far I found out his name, the church he goes to (he does?!), how his girlfriend looks like, that he smokes, that he is quite 'wide', that he doesn't pay his rent sometimes(!!), which, college he goes to, that he loves to shout and that he is quite deaf (turn on the speakers louder some more lah). A very Malaysian observation in me shouts, "Some more not handsome at all!!"

Now, I only need to find out when is his birthday so I can slot some free RedBox Vouchers under his door. I shall keep repeating in my heart - Love thy neighbour... love thy neighbour... love thy neighbour...


*sho* said...

lol.. i would've slotted moere than a red box voucher if i were u - a "pls, our walls are damn thin.. stop disrupting my peace" note maybe :P then again - love thy neighbour would be a more non-violent approach. sing along! lol

yvonne lee said...

oh.....erm... i was about to call the police once u know.. hahaha.... well, yes, love thy neighbour... love thy neighbour. oh ya, i don't want to sing along because i don't want him to think i'm doing a duet thing with him.. ewwwhhhH!