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06 March 2007


[On my way to complete a mission in France]

" All my bags are packed, I'm ready to leave you..."

Sort of.

I woke up late this morning and was chilling out. I looked at my luggage. Aiyo. The cover is still at a 45 degree angle because it is too full to close. Everything important to bring are still lying around. Nevermind. Will get it sorted out tonight la. Leaving tomorrow morning, you see. So I turned on my computer to look for some info of Paris because I have not done any research on the city! Leaving tomorrow ma. Don't worry. Relax.

I have not even made my Teh-O panas yet when I got a call from my lecturer.

"Hello Yvonne, dunno if this is good news or not, but your flight is this evening. Not tomorrow..."

Wah... blink blink. "Serious ah!?"

Pros: It is a direct flight. Tomorrow's flight will have a transit in London.
Cons: I haven't sorted out that bulge!!

Should I sacrifice the Maggi cup noodle or the extra socks? The pink tee or the white tee? The cheong sam or the kebaya? The chocolate biscuit or the milky biscuit? The scarves or the gloves? Argh!!!

Have not done my research.
Have not written down important phone numbers.
Have not e-mailed important info to my family and my sister.
Have not plucked my eyebrows.
The main thing is, I haven't even cleaned Fishy's tank yet!

Luckily, all the above are finally done. Except for Fishy's. Somehow, I have to wait till the water in the pail "settle down" before I can replace the ewwy water. Now I have about two more hours before I leave for the airport. Just one last thing: Sayonara friends. Do pray for my safe journey there and back. Especially back. I don't like to feel like ice everyday. And let's hope more Frenchies will Visit Malaysia after our performance! :)

In case you guys miss me (being the thoughtful me), this is how I last look like before I leave. Heehee. :)


agung said...

funny sunnies.
but enjoy your trip! take lotsa photos! and shop till you drop!


*sho* said...


*sho* said...

eeek.. what i planned to say was - have fun vonne! i doubt u'll be reading this there (if u do.. double yay!) but anyways, sorry i didn't wish you sooner. meet up once u get back ya.. i wanna collect my cenderamata :P

yvonne lee said...

hehhe... what's ney? ooh, they have spell checks nowadays for comments.. hmm.. anyways, can't wait to see ya soon!