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23 February 2007

Technophobe's choice!

With my CNY holidays being numbered, I had to do something interesting to make the most out of it before I head back to boring lectures, crazy assignments, impossible deadlines, terribly early mornings, coffee therapy, maggi meals, the unbeatable KL public transportation (!) and everything unhealthy. Coincidentally, just as I was out looking for what Kluang has to offer for amusement, I chanced upon the Worms 3D PS2 game.

New and improved!

My first reaction was, "So cute!" If I didn't remember wrongly, quite some years back, either David or Gary was very into this game (which was most probably 2D at that time) and my reaction at that time was also, "So cute!"

Nostalgia got the better of me and I decided to buy it and have a go at it for the first time(Of course, as you may have guessed, I actually did the Tutorial first and became a laughing stock). OMG! I just found my favourite game! I'm going to get the PC version too(if there is one)! A while ago, I thought The Sims 2 was one of the more interesting games for girls. But you don't hear me talk about The Sims anymore now do you? It was just a phase. I don't think I'm very good at keeping track of other people's bladder. Sorry, poor Sims who peed in his pants and lost his girlfriend.

However, I do think I'm going to like this game for a long time. I used the Classic Theme and their voices are so adorable. If I hurt myself (which I did many times), my worm will go "Stupid!" I found some pictures(below) from their webby to show you how cute they are.

The Worms have very cool(and cute!) weapons this time around. My favourite was the classic Bazooka because its ammo is forever green and I sometimes do not know where to throw the grenades. This one is always a winner.

The Bazooka

The Worms may look so mean but they are actually very cute.

They also have more mobility now, thanks to the very many gadgets such as the Jet Pack, the Parachute, the Teleport and the rope thing (I forgot the name because I haven't mastered its technique). My fave is the Jet Pack of course.

Complete with safety features too.

The worms are also very expressive as in when they are bored, they start checking out their nails. Sometimes they goof around by pulling their eyebrows down to their upper lip to create instant mustache! One of my fave funnies in this game is the "weapon" called Prod.


It isn't really a weapon. It doesn't hurt the enemy at all! It is just an index finger thing to poke at your enemy worm
- to move them a little near a landmine
- to push them off a cliff into the sea for instant death
- and to show off your prowess by just poking them. Something like the Skip Rope which also comes with the tag, "You don't even bother me." They just do some skipping to waste their turn to attack.

Naughty, ya! Totally recommended!


*sho* said...

very "techy", vonne :) is this another phase?

yvonne lee said...

hmm... i hope not... hehe... unless something cuter comes along... how can you get cuter than that?

agung said...


yvonne lee said...

agung, stop leaving one worded comments! and me is no geek! nor nerd!

*sho* said...

lol.. (3 words)^^