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09 November 2008

alumni party

One of the staff at Souled Out offered me a shot of Port as I approached the first floor. I have not even taken my last step yet! I thought to myself that if everyone took that shot as a welcome drink, then I suppose everyone should be kinda tipsy and jolly. Man, was I right. It wasn't even 8.oopm yet! Food was not served yet and so freeflow beer and wine on empty stomach equals lotsa drunk alumnis. Welcome to my college's Alumni's Party 2008. This was on 6 Nov 08, btw.

I suppose my batch was not invited yet (not old enough) and so everyone was just a familiar face but not acquaintances. I just watch as people acted silly and had fun being silly. I wonder why I have to attend this party! I'm not old enough!! Luckily I had a senior colleague with me, also an alumni.

(actually I was there representing my boss, who is an alumni himself, to get his distinguished alumni award as he is away on vacation)

I surveyed the room to check out who are the Taylorians of the yesteryears... then I was greeted by this jolly uncle who dressed like he was set to go on holiday in Phuket.

"Halooooo! Are you an alumni too? Which batch are you from?"
"I'm from Batch 18!"
"Oooh! I'm from Batch 4!"

Actually, I think his batch 4 was the first set of batches in the Kenny Hills campus before they moved to the second campur in Miharja and started a new set of codes. I was in the third campus in PJ. No way that he was only 14 batches before me.

Then as I explained that I was there to get an award for my boss, who is from the very first batch, he said his friend was from the first batch too! Unfortunately, after we located the first-batch-uncle, he was too tipsy to remember my boss.

I quickly excused myself and found my colleague also on the way to getting drunk. I made him go get some food from the buffet counter and let go of the wine for a while. OMG. Free flow of beer and wine is funny to watch but only for a while.

As the Kenny Hills gang made loads of noise in one corner, even bursting balloons, the Miharja (second campus before the PJ one) group were in another corner, sitting in a circle sharing gossips while trying to relive their twenty's clubbing days. -_-.... I thought it couldn't go any further until one of them decided to stand up and perform some dance in the middle of the circle.

Moving on.

So I found the corner with people nearer to my age and batch. OK. So got some business cards and some updates on the world, about Obama, about insurance.. etc. Man, I wished time would fly.

Then the COO of the college gave a speech but everyone was too noisy for him to be heard. Then as he was returning the mic to the MC, the first-batch-uncle seize the mic to give a speech as well. haha.. funny! This was his piece:

"When I see Taylorians, I ask them, "vous parlez francais?" and they will go "oui!" (weee). That is TCHT! Now, when you see a TCHT alumni, you ask "vous parlez francais?" you will hear..

"Oui(weeeee!)" responded the crowd. His speech seemed to have more impact than the previous one.

Finally, the time came for lucky draw! Aiya, I didn't even win the tupperwares!!

Next came the award presentation. So I presented my boss's speech. It was at this time I wish my voice was louder. Kenny Hills Gang were too busy bursting balloons.

Later on, there was a failed attempt to form a dancing circle in the middle of the dance floor because, as drunk as everyone was, the music was just not pumping enough. Looking around, the staff were serving more wine to the people! I thought they should stop.

I tried not to look bored and chat up a few people. I didn't know what else to talk about so I decided to sell my hotel's recently re-launched SkyBar.

Ooh! Second lucky draw! Again, I didn't win anything. -_-. At least my colleague won RM100 Haagen Dazs's vouchers! He didn't even realize when they called his name. I should have just taken it for him and pretended nothing happened. hmmm.

I really felt like I was in a story book of dark comedy that night. Too cynically funny to be true. I'm glad I could still find humour in such situations. Now, let me see if I can get my colleague to part with his vouchers!

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