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17 August 2007

Yvonne @ work - yet again

These days, all I do is basically work and my dissertation. What else can one expect? Today was a little cooler than other days. Someone had a special mission.

I was given the chance to be a "sort of" guinea pig...

-me nails at 3.00pm-

-choices, choices-

"Which one would you like? Can't decide? I can bring a few bottles so we can test them out until you find one that you like!"

Oh, really?

-got a little scary here...-

Looks like my dentist's tray.

-an older photo of the place d'indulgence-

Since when did manicure include lying on a very comfortable bed with lotsa luxurious towels and lavender aroma theraphy oil and candles everywhere?

-the ons therapist-

-voila! shaped, buffed, polished and moisturized-

Mission accomplished at 4.30pm.

I also learned a thing or two about the various gadgets, tools and products used by the therapist. Anyways, it was good. Good good. Wonder if they need someone to test out the massage range...