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16 August 2007

sushi and me

I don't think I qualify as a sushi lover but Japanese food just delights me every time.

It looks good.

Its rather light and healthy...

It is not just about raw fish...

And when it is fish, it is really good fish.

And ooh, dessert!

Not forgetting that the flat rate green tea is a superb plus point.

*photos taken at Sushi Zan Mai. Current fave dinner place. :)


agung said...

melbourne has better jap food than malaysia.

yvonne lee said...

haha... seriously? erm... okie... one of these days i will make the effort to make a trip there just to have a japanese dinner with you. ons. can't wait.anyways, i think i would like to try that pizza thing u featured in your blog once.. hahaha... fantasies are good.

Gary Chia said...

sushi is mostly good for health. low fat, high protein. So you should eat it every day.
of course there's that part about malnutrition due to poverty caused by overspending. But that'll be another problem, really.

yvonne lee said...

wow.. thanks gary... i can always count on your for deep insights and cause/effect comments... :)