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29 July 2007

World Without Yvonne

What would the world be without Yvonne?

On Friday, at the office, I saved Ardhan from this total blur , "sweat dripping", "kan cheong" moment with the computer (I thought I was bad enough) and he was so thankful. Then I asked, rather loudly, "What would the world be without Yvonne?! Hahaha!" without expecting any reply and probably expecting some eyes rolling behind my back.

A very quick and soft respond came, "It would be very quiet."

I was like *blink blink*... *laugh*... "I wasn't really asking but... so you are saying I'm very noisy?!"

"Erm yes... a little..."

This came from a rather low profile, quiet, 30+ guy, Mr.Kenneth, who has been chilling with us for the past 5 days doing his cross-cultural training. I guess these 5 days have changed him. His office is in no way like this. It is very quiet and all that. He has come to the right place. Things were rather wacky in our office. It is like what Murni would describe as "Kapal Pecah". An Indonesian way of describing a place that looks like a tornado has just past through. It is really funny imagining our office as a ship that is attacked by a giant octopus and everybody is running around in formal attire with files and papers and computers and crazy hair and accusing each other (without regards to gender here) of keeping that Hot Guy's Resume (Philip,we know it was you). Mr. Kenneth has been inspired to implement this "wacky culture" into his office come Monday.

Anyways, I asked around somemore. "In your own words, what would the world be without Yvonne?" The replies were:

Ardhan: Kiamat (end of the world)

Sanny: Very dull, you know, less colourful, less lively, quiet... (At this point, Philip who was following me around while I asked said, "eh, why are you all so nice to her ar?!")

Philip: Nothing la. No difference. Right, Murni? (because I have been bullying him)

Murni: Boring

Shiow Ling: I'll think about it first (because she thought it was a trick question because everyone was now listening intently)

Ms. Presee: Boring.

Burn @ IT office: It would be a little bit more boring.

Shiow Ling: Boring la...

So, my existence does have an impact in this world. Not bad... :)

Anyways, Mr. Kenneth e-mailed us. He has learned to use the word "chillax" and one of his messages was , "Shiow Ling, I hope the interns don't drive you up the wall."

Lastly, he said, "Have fun cleaning up the storeroom!"

No wonder he left on Friday. He knew what was coming for Saturday. Cis. Anyhow, it was quite fun. Partly because the storeroom was a venue for more gossips... ooh...


-Safety First-

Also, an update: 2 more weeks till dissertation submission!

I have only just distributed my questionnaire yesterday. I know. Crazy. Impossible. Stupid. But I still have faith. Now all I need to do is learn how to use SPSS and actually get to install it into my pc!! It seems it is not Vista compatible. I want my XP back! I also hope I get back my questionnaires on Monday. I distributed to more than 15 sections. I tried my best with their managers.

"Mr. ____! Good morning! Wah, very handsome today. Look so fresh. Really! What did you eat this morning? Ic ic. Good ah. Anyways, I need your help. You have 45 SAs right?...Erm, yes, all of them."

"When can I get it back?"
"End of next week la"
"Erm, can earlier? Very fast one! They only need 3 minutes to fill in everything! Serious!"
"Erm, what about Monday?"
"Wah, cannot la!"
"Can la. Try la, sir. Can one. If they are off today, you can give them on Sunday. Then Monday kao tim la."
"I try la."
"Can ya. Try ya. Can one. No problem. I'm sure you can do it."

Wait, till they find out I need to interview them too. Hohoho. I'm still in deep shit.


agung said...

awesome time management with the dissertation...

Siti Hajar Adnan said...

time management sangat bagus!

Philip said...

yvonnne, u cari nahas isit~

Gary Chia said...

u look different. did you... cut your hair or something?