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15 July 2007


I'm very busy trying to save my ass and get my degree but I think it is necessary to take 5 minutes to say this:

I love Transformers!

This movie is just so stylish. Seriously. Don't know how else to describe it. I would watch it again. Anytime. That is, when the people stop queuing up for the tickets. I have also decided not to sell(on eBay) my little Transformers toy which I got from McDs a few years back.

Bumble Bee is so adorable! I almost cried when Bumble Bee was strapped down by the cops(during that one emotional scene). I know. Crazy.

The seats have been mostly sold out for a good two weeks. Even for the usual low peak periods.Why is that?! The first attempt to get tickets ended up in watching Die Hard 4 (which was actually a nice movie too). Luckily my sister got the tickets somehow. I think it was a major achievement.

Next feat: Harry Potter!



*sho* said...

i know wat u mean, vonne.. getting so emotionally attached to the autobots, esp. bumblebee..

hey, you noticed the "mega" effort they put in the effects, right up to minute details like optimus prime's eyelid! the dude blinked! whoa~

Philip said...

i watched it! cool!!!!
suppose to watch Harry Potter today but someone forgot the confirmation no. so ... end up nothing... SHIT!!!!!!

yvonne lee said...

sho: yes i know! really cool... even their battle scenes... magnifique... and it is quite helpful that they love to introduce themselves.. hehe! "I am Megatron" "I am Optimus Prime"

philip: alamak! jialat!