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10 July 2007


My trip to Malacca!

Chicken rice balls, Jonker Walk, really old buildings, wooden clogs, pineapple tarts, A Famosa, "Gula Ketuk", trishaws with boom boxes, 'dodol' and 'Ultarman' tees. That's Malacca. Ooh, let's not forget hot and sunny.

-New Haircut-

Oh yeah, I got a new haircut! Drastic change indeed. Everyone is sort of shocked. Well, I just felt that washing my hair has never been such a breeze. :)


-Obviously he's not too happy about something-

-Dad, mum, susan, lisa and me-

-I think some pirates are buried here-

It was a good trip and great to spend time with my family. I just got darker by 2-3 shades in all that sun.


Steffi the Numbnut said...

Wah, looks like you've really enjoyed yourself there...all I did was eat and eat and eat!

agung said...

sorry. but i have to say, the haircut looks a lil funny on you.
i need to meet you. like... in real life.

yvonne lee said...

steffi- haha... sort of fun la...

davo- yes, need to meet soon. when?

*sho* said...

woman... i just read this. u got darker "2-3 shades" as well?? wat are the odds of using the same phrase? haha! love ya hair!!

yvonne lee said...

haha! just read your blog! ^5!