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21 January 2007

The Story - "Chicks" and Feathers

-An inspiration-

This is actually the continuation of my "Seriously DELIcious Burger" post in my previous Friendster blog. Read ALL about it here: my blog

So I left out The Story part of the S Series. Anyways, as you have already come to understand the situation, I shall proceed to tell you the story.

Midway through the dinner:
David: You can always spot a chick in Bangsar. Everytime!
Some: Yeah.
David: Like that table over there...
All: Where? Where, David?
Jiawei: Oy, they are aunties la!
Me: They are like 40?
Leanna: Aiyo, ya la..
Sho: Where? Where? *gasp!!* They are my mom's age!
*just a note, Sho's mom looked better.
David: OK, what. OK, maybe not all but some...
Sho: Maybe he's been relying on his lenses..
Me: Ya, that camera makes people look better than they do..

This went on for a while and as we were leaving DELIcious, we walked past the Chicks' Table.
Me: So, David, did you get a good close-up look?
David: OK! I said I take it back! I take it back! I said it!
Me: You know, this is like a story I know. Words are like feathers and once they fly away in the wind, you can never get it back!
David: Which inspirational e-mail did you get it from? *Look at Jiawei for clues*
Jiawei: No comments
Me: No, it was an English text book my dad got for teaching. I read it when I was small. You know how the story goes? There's Ah Ming and Ah Chong...
Leanna: Hey, what's happening? I heard Ah Ming and Ah Chong.
Sho: Vonne's telling a story.
Me: So Ah Ming likes to tell lies and bad things about people (typical of language textbooks) and Ah Chong decided to teach him the potence of words. He brought AM to a breezy hill and placed a handful of chicken feathers in his hands and then asked him to release it into the wind. So he did. Then he said, "Try collecting all of them back". AM said, "That's impossible! I'll never get them back!"
All: Ahh....

I concluded that you can't actually take back your words, so use them wisely. It's like calling me fat and then taking it back. I will still stare at you and probably complain to your mom. It's amazing what you can learn from a boring text book and where you can apply it. hmm...

And david is still sore...(read comments of that blog post)


agung said...

i still think that's a stupid story...

yvonne lee said...

Oh, btw, hi david!