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29 January 2007

In a near future...

After a few weeks of talks and discussion, it is decided that we will be helping to promote Visit Malaysia 2007 to the French during my class study trip(only 2 weeks!) later in March. A one day event called "Kenduri: Malaisie Extravaganze Culturelle". Dances, Food and Exhibition. Ons.

This is a collage of what I imagine myself to be doing in Paris. I'll be at the Festivals Counter if you need me!

-omg, I have to learn to Photoshop!-

I'll say, Malaysia Boleh!


*sho* said...

eh.. how did u do this.. cool! :) must teach..

yvonne lee said...

haha... by paint! i'm pro at paint. thats why i say i really need to learn how to Photoshop... this is so unprofessional... heehee!

Siti Hajar Adnan said...

oh my god!
this is soooo good.
how can it be PAINT?!
i cant use paint to do this..

great work Yvonne..

*sho* said...

paint?! not bad! i did it once too.. but u know wat vonne.. ur's betta. haha. how's the practice coming along?(dance i mean)

yvonne lee said...

me not dancing anymo! just sort of parading and giving out ang pows with chocolates inside... haha!