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20 January 2007

Season 2

Just so you know, I decided to start a blog mid last year. I still remember the exact date because coincidentally, it was the 666 date (6th June 2006). I repeat, coincidentally. Anyway, I named my first post 'Finally' because I've been telling myself that I should start blogging for the past 4 years. What was holding me back? I was just, you know, spending too much of my free time chilling out. OK, OK, I didn't know how to. Technophobe alert!

I decided to use Friendster's blog which was what I figured to be the easiest to configure. Nine months on, I thought I was ready to 'graduate' to a higher level of blogdom. Also, I didn't figure out how to display pictures in my blog without it being converted into the size of two peanuts. OK, maybe I just wanted to try something new.

OMG, I spent the last hour trying to figure out whether to click 'Yes' or 'No'. I mean, how do you put that calendar thing at the side? How do you make the cursor go blinking? How do we include a chat thinghie? What about background music? Can I have Little Miss Naughty bouncing in the background? I think I need some help.

Until I do get some from my seasoned blogger buddies, I think I'll just have to figure this out slowly. With this, I think I sort of started my second blog. Wow.

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