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24 January 2007

Prison Break fans Hierachy

As the Tai-Tais all across Asia swoon over hot Korean singer/dancer/actor Rain in his latest drama (For his body, darling, for his body! Take off that shirt already! Stop it! Stop it! I'm menopausal!), so did my classmates and I over Wenworth Miller and the lot in Prison Break 2. Not to the Tai-Tai's extend though. OK, only I swooned over WM. The rest are guys.. but we'll never know...hmmm.

There are quite a few Prison Break fans in my class. I actually started to watch the first season with Jiawei and then later when school started, I found out Jonathan was also into it. As in, INTO it. Then there was Ken. Ah Ken says his English is not too good and we were encouraging him to watch more English shows to improve. What better way to start other than with Prison Break! So the suspend one. Slowly, some of my classmates also caught on to this. Ming Siew have finished the first season. Thomas have also just finished the first episode of the first season. Today, Jon reported that he just found out that Brian and Sook Kuan are also avid fans. Not forgetting our intl friends from Maldives, Nuha and Abdullah, and Brown from Korea. There are no gaps whatsoever in this fellowship.

Anyways, we were kept in heavy suspense since they decided to take a 2 months holiday break after episode 13 and we received news that it would be back on Monday! Cool! We have anticipated this moment for so long. You can already almost hear Jon say "I want Prison Break... I want Prison Break..." in your sleep.

You have to understand the hierarchy in this whole fan base thing in my class. Everyone plays a different role. Sitting at the top is, of course, Jon who masterminds everything and "motivates" people to like Prison Break to increase the fan base. He also initiates Logistics and Premiere Class Viewing which I will elaborate later.
Then there is Ah Ken who is the 'knight' who executes the task of getting the show in the shortest time possible and sharing it generously with all of us. His computer is never off and it is fast. FAST. He sometimes even volunteer to sleep after class so he can stay up to wait for the moment it is available. With Chinese subtitle somemore-ah.
Me? I am just the technophobe who will be explaining to non-fans why they should be fans. I think in a way I also help to motivate. "Hou tai, ar! Hou kan cheong, gar!" I would usually say in my half-past-six Cantonese. Or in Mandarin, "Hao kan! Wei se me bu yao kan?! Why,why, why?!"
The rest are just very motivating to one another. We do little things that matters for each of us like giving cheers when the shows starts and backing up our mastermind when the lecturer questions. There are no chickens among us. We are ONE.

On Monday afternoon, Ken decided to take a serious nap so that he can stay up to the next morning waiting for the great download. He was disappointed when it did not happen. He tried it again the next day and this morning, voila!, in his huge external hard disk is the gem of the day. He has sacrificed a lot for us and the rewards for his sacrifice is to make Jon uneasy to wait any longer to watch it. I'm so not exaggerating.

They decided to have it played in class on the LCD. It was 5 minutes till the first class starts. They decided not to care. When I returned from my PR activities in the other class, the classroom was already a cinema. Jon said with regret,"Yvonne, look." "Why never call me?! Alex, your head blocking. Lower a bit, please! Aiya, never mind. I sit in front!". Vicki did us a big favour of turning off the lights to see better.

Then the lecturer came in.... He immediately backed out and closed the door! He thought he had entered a wrong class. He is new, you see. OK lah, we called him back and turned it off. Other seasoned lecturers usually just say something like, "Wah, you guys have turned this into a cinema ah!" or "Practicing your events skills?" or "Why do you want to learn how to break out of prison?!" To which there will be an emotional reply, "To save your brother."... and then there was a pause to comprehend the emotions. But the new lecturer was pretty upset. He probably felt like we were rebelling against him! We were out of control! We were brats! There's no more hope!

Later, he got a hang of it and decided to make fun of us with Organizational Behaviour under the Elton Mayo and Hawthorne Electric experiment which was done waaaaay back in 1924 to 1933. "Just like you guys, you were comfortable in a group and decided to watch a movie in class together! This is also an OB." He also decided to announce an assessment to scare us a little. Aiyo...

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yvonne lee said...

Just a note : I think Rain looks really good in this picture!!

Cloud(in tiny voice): If I rain on you and your shirt got wet, would you take it off?