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08 March 2008

do do do dodododo do

Watching TV and keeping myself updated on the results of the elections, I decided to test out my (so called mine) wifi speed of downloading things and found out that I actually could. New songs took about 10 minutes and one older song took 1 hour, simultaneously. Lol. I think I'll just get my dose of hits from my trainees. But recently I've been facing some problems.

Amin listens to everything that is metal.
Natalia listens to Jordin Sparks.
Teng Wai listens to Jay Chou (and only Jay Chou, I think).


I'll wait for the next batch.
I mean, I could do metal, Jordin and Jay but not everyday.

By the way, as crazy and varied as they can be, they are all very cute and funny. Amin likes to sing and also talk to his assignments. Natalia is usually worried about their little temporary "trainee table". Teng Wai buys fresh strawberries from Cameron Highlands when he goes back. I'm contented.

Natalia has to always take their constant joke about her being underaged. Amin and Teng Wai have the hots for this girl in the coffeehouse. Also, Teng Wai has a regular girl trainee friend who calls him for lunch everyday. She stopped ever since we openly and loudly speculated an affair. Also, at the same time, both of the guys are attached and love their girlfriends very much. hmm... right. We're very open about matters of the heart. It also interest them that I'm interviewing a whole bunch of new guys and girls next week. Gosh, the excitement.

Anyways, the older song in question is Fishing For A Dream by Turin Brakes. Listening to this song and coincidentally browsing through Topshop's catalogue brought back memories of my college break and part time days at Topshop. So care free. So free. I miss it very much. I miss the whole serenity of things. Let's go fishing for a dream...

do do do dodo do do do...


shawn said...

Saw ghost again... seriously quite exciting! haha! that girl whose obsess with Jack (jack isit?) is really scary!

"at least I didn't enlarge my boobs or delete pimples!!


what? LMAO!!!

yvonne lee said...

aiya! i think ghost just ended... a bit abruptly too... hmm.