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17 February 2008


In case you were wondering, 'aijoh' is another form of 'aiyoh' which is an expression of... erm... exasperation? Well, making it 'aijoh' adds on the 'feel factor', the stressing of the 'aiyoh-ness' bringing 'aiyoh' to a new height. This is reserved for very intense moments. Let's explore how do we use these everyday expression:

What it means to me - expressing regret
When it is heard most - when someone forgets to do something causing inconvenience
for eg: - "Aiya! Should have used that route to avoid the jam!"

What it means to me - expressing irritation
When it is heard most - when someone seems blur to you (not necessarily blur)
for eg: - "Aiyoh! How many times must I tell you to clean your room?"

What it means to me - expressing exasperation and extreme regret
When it is heard most - when you are rushing to pass up something at 5pm and then something goes wrong at 4.59pm
for eg: - "Spelling errors?! Aijoh!!!!!!!"

hehe... in case you were wondering again, I have nothing interesting to talk about because I've been drowned in work. Well, other than how that guy who acts as the basketball team captain in Kung Fu Dunk looked so, so, so gorgeous. Apart from the fact that Jay Chou fans would have loved him so much more than they already do after the movie, his role in the movie was well played too. But seriously, that captain guy... he just need to look like he has a lot of worries and troubles and like he is very angry and he scores man. So easy, right?

Anyways, I love GSC Pavillion. Very comfy seats. GSC at The Gardens is also the bomb. They only have those premiere seats but it is so worth it. I love how these companies are bringing the whole movie experience to a higher satisfaction level. Also gives the others a run for their money because over CNY, I heard from my friends that Sunway Pyramid's cinema has turned into somewhat like a lecture hall. Hmm... I wonder how true.

By the way, I watched CJ7 in Kluang like it was a must-watch for CNY. Well, let's just say I had a very good long nap in the afternoon and so it prevented me from falling asleep although the furry little alien did help with my attention span once in a while.

Talking about CNY, we had lion dance in the hotel the other day! Very cute and furry! I learned so many things about them this time.

1) Touch the head for luck
2) If the lion spits oranges or vegetable on you, even if it smacks you right in the face, it is GOOD.
3) If the lion knocks over your flower vase and causing water to spill all over your table, it is GOOD.
4) Whatever the lions spits out is GOOD.
5) The louder the noise, the BETTER!
6) The lion has to cover all areas of the building to expel those horrible evil spirits... as in all areas especially areas which brings in most revenue.
7) Take whatever the lions gives out to you and keep it.

I still dunno if I should throw the oranges that I got from the lion... but I suppose they are going to spoil soon. How?!


Steffi the Numbnut said...

Makan saje...

agung said...

why can't you eat it?a

yvonne lee said...

cannot! everyone didnt eat... they just let it be until chap goh mei! hehe...