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07 October 2007

raya mood

Today I joined Hajar in her quest to buy 'baju raya' in One Utama. Although I have just had a rather long shopping trip to Midvalley the day before, I figured that a woman can never shop too much. I told myself that I won't buy anything. Well, we set off very early at about 10.40am to sort of be the first to get to the goodies. Haha! Talk about being kiasu. Anyways, I was feeling really hungry and so Hajar recommended we try Carl's Jr. burgers. I first heard of Carl's Jr. when they had a rather raunchy advertisement starring Paris Hilton in some swimming suit doing a car wash and eating their burger. And it was well-received when its first outlet in Singapore was launched (or so I read in 8days magazine). Well, one thing's for sure - they have achived publicity.

Anyways, OK. Let's have a freaking big burger for brunch!

How big is big?! Their promo cards are as below:


As we were waiting for the burger to arrive, we exchanged stories about work. It is interesting that finally there is someone who knows what I'm talking about because Hajar is in Human Resources too. :) The burgers arrived promptly and the fries were hot from the stove and so I was really satisfied.
Me and my Western Bacon Something Something burger.

Hajar with her 'SuperStar with Cheese'

As you can see, it is about 3/4 of the size of our faces. I guess they have kept to their promo promise. I actually finished mine! Plus some fries! Can't believe? Ask Hajar. OMG, I can eat. It has been proven.

After the meal, we went walking around and around looking for shoes, clothes, etc etc. There were sales everywhere! Except for items that we want, of course. Not as many people as I have expected; with the occasional kid running into your knees. Or popping balloons. Or spilling ice-cream. Adorable but that's a safety hazard! I mean the ice-cream on the floor, not the kid. But nonetheless, it was quite hectic.

We watched Resident Evil too. A movie I had no intentions whatsoever to watch. I didn't even have the intention to know what it was about. I thought it was some show about aliens. Then Hajar told me it was a horror movie. OK. So I sat through the whole movie prepared to feel horrified. Well, those 'undeads' are absolutely horrible and so irritating! You kill and you kill and they keep on coming. Not too bad but would have prefered something like Lust, Caution instead. I think I should watch this movie! So much hype going on about it! Hmm.

Anyways, we continued our search for Hajar's dream dress. Just as things were getting a little too tiring, we saw these people crowd around these yellow people. The DiGi yellow man!! I have always wanted to take a photo with them! SO cute! There were two of them and one was skinny while the other was more 'well-rounded'. I refused to take a photo with the skinny one and had to wait till those kids leave the other one before I could take a photo. Obviously, the round-er one is more popular. It was a bit 'malufying' (embarassing) to be chasing kids away so I asked Hajar to go first. Haha! The yellow man actually already have a fixed pose and fixed smile. I also realize that the yellow men had 4 fingers only! hehe. (I was figuring out why he didn't do the 'V' or peace sign)

Oops, caught me there. Yes, I did buy some things.

By the way, I'm a Maxis user! Oh-oh... Are they going to lose me as their customer now? Because DiGi has a cute mascot? We'll wait and see.

I'm still pretty much depending on my parents for money for this month and so I called my dad to inform him that I have been shopping yesterday and today... with the card. Told him not to be surprised with the amount and stuff.

I thought my dad would sort of give me a long lecture about life and how hard money is earned and stuff and saving for the future. I was prepared. But he said:

"It's OK. I was telling your mom, whatever you spend, as long as you are the one paying for it, go ahead."

Part of me said : Sure, dad. Cool! See ya this weekend!
Another part of me said : Huh... Must pay back... *whine*

Then a tiny part of me said : Of course la, 22 years old already wei.

I also mentioned : "Cut from my allowance la"

But that comment was somehow ignored or my dad didn't hear it and the subject was changed. Hmm. Hmmmmm.... Eeek!

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