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01 June 2007

Yvonne @ work!

Yes! It is FRIDAY! TGIF! Also, YES! Tomorrow is the King's Birthday! Long live the king! (Yes, I have to work halfday on Saturdays)

It is only the first week at work and I am already looking forward to the first public holiday. Haha! Natural reaction. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy going to work in my current hotel and it is a really cool place. It is just the process of getting there and back that demotivates me. You know, squeezing into KTM. Squeezing into LRT. Queing up indefinitely for the tickets. Missing trains and feeling terrible about it. Walking 600 metres and then only realizing today that there are shuttle buggie services for that 600 m walk. *slap forehead!*. It is OK. Next week will be a better week because we now know that there is a buggie service. Luckily I have 4 friends to go along with me on the trains and in total 7 of us in the hotel. We keep each other motivated a lot.

Anyways, one of the perks of having many friends in the same hotel is that we sort of have more fun doing crazy stuff that you don't normally do if you are alone and trying to impress the bosses. In a group, it is hard to pinpoint who are the actual crazy ones so we are safe. There are 3 of us in the HR department.

Coincidentally, yesterday my department bosses and superiors were engaged in a meeting leaving us freshies to run the office for a while. What did we do between those phone calls and projects?

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Interns Team of HR!

The power of self-timer function: The Interns of HR!
The future of hospitality is safe in our hands
-Yvonne, Ardhan and Murni-

Seriously, I conclude that people in our generation are all cam-whores. Everybody squealed in delight when I announce that I have brought my camera for fun. Nobody resisted photo opportunities and there are even some poses which I dare not post. Too bad for you!

Here are some decent ones to give you a peek into a day at work at my office.

"Good morning, how may we assist you?"
-A day at the office-

The First Row : Poses

The first row shows us posing at "our" work desks. Like, being caught in a busy moment while doing work. One for the album!

The Second Row : What we normally do

The second row shows us really doing what we normally do at work. Lotsa projects, documentations, filing, typing and so on.

The Third Row: What we seriously do

This is what we would be doing after we complete what we normally have to do. Murni will be looking for things to inquire about and laugh about. I will be nosing at everybody's desks. Ardhan just basically will be eating chocolates while going around looking for funnies and coming up with ideas to make the place more cheery. Basically, we are just pure busybodies. Erm, in a good way. The people here are not sick of us yet! Yay!

Summary: We seriously love our job! DO expect more pictures in future. :)!


agung said...

looks so casual

yvonne lee said...

erm... dunno if you are just commenting or criticising...

anyways, thats the way this hotel works! more on the modern, informal and neo-rationalist side...

i do sense envy... don't be jealous darling!