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23 June 2007

On a Saturday

I love Saturdays. Somehow everything just feels better on a Saturday. The trains are emptier. The sunshine is brighter and has a certain warmth (but is it not warm because the trains are empty and so the air conditioning works perfectly well). Our perfumes stay on longer. We dress more casually. And only 4 hours to spend at the office, tying up the loose ends, etc...

Today was a beautiful Saturday.

-The 600m walk seems shorter with Daniel Wu around-

It helps that the first "person" to greet us on our way to work was Daniel Wu. Although I'm sure Seiko could have chosen way better pictures, he looks good anyways.

-A closer look for you-

Oh, how he smoulders. And if you squint a little, you can see little seawater droplets on his body because he is supposed to be living the active lifestyle on his expensive yatch and somehow he chooses Seiko watches... or something like that.

-My teatime staple-

Next, I will be greeted by the aroma of Rotiboy, the Mexican bun that caught Malaysians' hearts a few years back and still has that magic. I only eat this after work because having it for breakfast is just too... oily.

-I get my fave fruit juices here-

Somehow I feel that drinking juices from Juiceworks gives me all the goodness of fruits even though I can clearly see that they only put, like, a small slice of watermelon, a small slice of pineapple and some sorbet into the blender. It is OK. I can accept this. I shall continue to live in my fruity fantasy.

-There goes Beyonce-

And then I will be greeted by Beyonce holding the phone that I want. Seriously, I think my phone has some problems already. I can't pinpoint the problem but I can feel something brewing inside. Really. It is like this sixth sense. I think I need a new phone. I want this phone. It is very small. It has a touch pad. It is very small. It is black. It is very small. I want.

Is this marketing tool working or what?

-My Takeshi-

And then I concluded that Biotherm has emerged as the champion amongst the various advertising campaigns by choosing Takeshi Kenishiro as their new face. Ah. He just brightens up my day, everyday. I hope their promotion will last for another week at least.

-He does it better than Daniel-

I started liking Takeshi in Love 2000, a Japanese series, 7 years ago and I still do now. What can I do to get a chance to meet him? Sigh. There is also this LCD screen which shows Takeshi working on set for the photo shoot and advertisements. So good looking. How does he still look so good at his age? Because he chose to use Biotherm.

-One of the kebanggaan negara-

I'll then chill a little outside Suria with my friends hoping for the buggy to arrive to whisk us to the hotel and save us having to walk the following 400 metres.

-So near yet so far-
Buggy~ Where are you?~

-Our best friend-

And not long after, it arrived. Excellent service. Excellent drivers. Excellent view. Excellent morning breeze.

-Don't know what to do with these pictures-

(For the record: we only do this with permission and when we have completed our tasks. Also, it is always the 3 of us only because the others are so camera-shy)

A nice day at work past as usual and soon, it was lunch time! We chose to try out the shop which everyone was talking about. Named Red House, it is a small ancient with old-world charm building painted red, hidden somewhere beside the hotel. It is a really nice and cooling place with one big tree giving shade and a little extra oxygen and 'natural' ambience. The dining concept is laidback outdoor. OK lah. But when my Tom Yum Fried Rice arrived, I changed from "OK lah" to "nice, nice, nice". After I took my first spoonful of my yummy choice, I forgot to take a picture of my friends' dishes which were equally as nice and appealing.


This has got to be the best lunch I have had in weeks. Great effort on the presentation as well. And the frieds egg was just the way I like my fried eggs. Crispy on the sides and the yolk was just nice. Not too runny. Grammy style fried eggs. And ooh, the lime was a fantastic flavour enhancer. Makes the food at Suria look so, so inferior. Yay! We found a good lunch spot!


*sho* said...

continueing from our conversation today on watermelon juice, vonne.. i was wrong - juice fusion was the one featured on NST.. anyways, juice works looks cooler :)

how often is that buggy lar.. so cool!

agung said...

oh makkau! only 2 more days before such food and shopping!!

Steffi the Numbnut said...

How much ah?

yvonne lee said...

sho: the buggy is non-stop darling... muahaha!

dave: oooooh yeah.:)

steffi: how much for which? the yummers rice is rm8... pricey but comparable if u compare with any other choices around here...

Steffi the Numbnut said...

Ahaha, not that food is cheap in my area...normally I have to pay aroun RM8-RM15 for lunch...pokai sial...

* Leanna said...

i want nasi goreng tom yam!
hungry hungry hungry..

yvonne lee said...

steffi: biasa la hartamas...

leanna: trust me, it is yummy. you'll have to visit me at work one day like sho... i'll bring you there... :) and I have to bring you guys to SkyBar too! make plans make plans!