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30 June 2007

It's Saturday again!

It has been a week and it felt like only 3 days have past. I have not even finished the chocolates from my grocery shopping last Saturday (que for applause). I also have not made much progress on my Big D (que for boo).

Time flies. That's good, I think. I mean, I do want to be young and carefree (and clueless?) forever but I'm happy that time moves so quickly. For now, that is. You won't hear me say this when I'm, like, 30 odd (*shudder*). OK, OK. Hold your imagination. Actually, I think you won't hear me say that I'm happy that time flies by next week.

Because I'm taking a few days off! Wheee!

Of course, primarily to join my cousin in celebration of her marriage in Malacca and secondarily, I can finally go back to Kluang and be the little clueless youngest in the family again! Even for a few days, I'm looking forward to it already. Also, I can finally see my eldest sister again after one year. Thinking about it is so blissful. No laundry. No dishes. No commuters. No long walks. Cleaner air. No staring at computers. No extremely early mornings. Cheap hairdressing. Unlimited chocolates. Food. Food. Food. Everyone will be asking me, "What would you like to eat today?" It usually starts with my second sister waking me up and asking me what I want for breakfast. Hohoho. "Daddy, I wanna go eat bak kut teh. Now, now." "Mummy, I want banana fritters. I prefer if they were crispy." Then, I will munch while I read magazines and books, listening to my family exchange stories and latest goss. All without caring about time.

These are times when I wish time will stand still for a bit.


agung said...

WHAT?! You're coming back down?!
i'm going back up!!!

yvonne lee said...

darling david, i told u that over the phone!! ETA wednesday night... ETD sunday morning... will be in kl on sunday... :)