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31 October 2010

the green issue: office plants

Just the other day I was washing my mug in the office pantry, I suddenly noticed that there were a lot of greeneries in my office pantry. Too many for such a tiny space - 2m x 2m. No, seriously, the office pantry is that small. No, seriously. Come have a look! It's free. :)

Anyhoo, sometimes, the office/working place/home #2 feels like a bleak place. But apart from the blinding number of emails and phone calls to answer, long hours, below zero temperature which freezes up your muscles, the very snug pantry aka Office Plants Graveyard (OPG) etc... we don't really have it as bad as the other living things in there: the abandoned plants.

With all the magazines out there screaming "GREEN iS the new Black!" I figured I too shall pay a tribute to the greeneries in my office. The under-privileged ones, that is.

Case #1: Mr Tall
Length of stay in OPG: more than 1.5 years
Location: Next to coffee machine
The Abandoner: Unknown.
History: It has just been there always.

Look at it grow - full of optimism and vitality. This plant has been there even before I joined this office. Like 1.5 years ago. It is like the pioneer of the Abandoned Ones. It has to be! Because no one dares to move it. It gets the premium spot of being next to the coffee machine. Recently the lower leaves have shown some loss of chlorophyll (and spirits), but the younger leaves on top badgers on for optimum sunlight, no flourescent light, to stay alive.

Case #2: Me-in-a-mug
Length of stay in OPG: about 1 year
Location: On top of mini oven
The Abandoner: Unknown.
History: Sudden appearance on a weekday afternoon.

OK, this one is quite sneaky because I never knew it was in a mug. I thought it was always in a jar, left on top of a tall cupboard in the office. Anyhow, when there are new colleagues, we would pluck some of it and place in a new vase to welcome the new-comer. Sad, right!!

Case #3 + 4: Mr One Leaf Jack and Mr Earthy (a duo)

Length of stay in OPG: 8 months / more than 1.5 years
Location: On the floor beside the water cooler
The Abandoner: Pending investigation
History: too sad...

OK so One Leaf Jack was left there because the leaves used to have white stuff, like it was ill. And then due to lack of care, it is now left with ONE LEAF. The one on the right, Earthy, it the only earth based one in here. It has always been there... and sometimes people accidentally kick it when entering the pantry... poor guys. Sometimes hot coffee splashes on them too. Poor guys indeed.

Case #5: Ms Honey Pot

Length of stay in OPG: One week (latest member!)
Location: Next to sink
The Abandoner: Comms.. well, not by choice. only temporary.
History: The beautiful glass vase which it once called home suddenly split, soaking documents and threatening the safety of the owner's computer leading to its temporary quarantine in an abandoned plastic honey container.

This plant loves its owner very much. The owner fell very sick and has been away on MC for a few days so I guess it got anxious causing the glass to split. No one else touched the vase! Now it is next to the sink. Sometimes dish washing detergent splashes in too. I've moved it a little further away.

Be strong plants! You will find new loving owners soon. Honey Pot, your owner will be back in no time!

Anyone who would like to adopt a plant, please do not hesitate to proceed to the pantry and do mother earth proud.

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