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19 June 2010

1st Time : Petronas Family Day

After a bout of rah-rah about internet being back into my life, I didn't actually get back into the internet! 3 months later, I realize I'm paying RM60 (RM61.05 to be exact) for unlimited internet every month and using it only for 10 minutes a day (on average)! omg. that's 5 hours a month and that means, RM12 for an hour. Feels a bit like a loss. time to tell some stories...

Today I have a chance to join my colleagues in taking part in the Petronas Family Day. We have been taking part for 4 years and I heard it has been the same thing for 4 years. So really, all of us newbies are experiencing it as what it is.

5.30am: PJ gang decides to be different and goes for breakfast early in the morning. We still so cannot believe that Harry, who usually wakes up at 2pm on weekends, also joined us. We had dim sum. yum.

6.30am: Not sure where Bangi is. "No problem lah.. got time, got petrol.."

7.20am: We're here!! Omg.. we're early...

7.30am: The hotel sponsors hot air balloon rides and of course, we have to get on it first to test it out - is it safe, etc.. "Get on the hot air balloon first before the crowd starts queueing up!! yay!! "

8.00am: The rest of the team arrives staggeredly. Just like every year, we have nasi lemak for breakfast courtesy of Js who was late last year... and the year before that. Like really late. Like 10.00am late...

Wei having nasi lemak~

This year Js arrived at 7am.

8.30am: Soon the set up was done... the crowd started queueing up for the hot air balloon ride. I was assigned as the Hot Air Balloon Crowd Control with Lilian. Basically, we had gates for them to queue in and I basically have to tell them it is for 4 persons max and had to basically take lots of family photos for them. Nice job.

Just like every year, we had the Ping Pong game. You're given 3 ping pong balls, and all you have to do is try to land them into any of the 30 cups set in front of you. Easy right? And when you get even just one ball in, you get our limited edition Traders Eco-friendly Shopper Bag! (photo to follow soon). It smells organic too~ phew!

Now, if you don't get any of the 3 balls in, you can try again. and again!

And if we don't really want you to try anymore, you get our limited edition Traders Eco-friendly Shopper Bag!
*This cycle went on till 11.30 when we finish

9.00am: The candy floss machine starts up! Jon, our super multitasking dude joined us wearing his Pastry kitchen uniform. Just last week he was in Engineering. And the week before that, I thought I spot him in Front Office uniform. aaanyways, our machine was a bit cranky so yes, we got the orange candy floss on stick, nice and easy and made some kids happy. But the floss flies up a lot and covers poor Jon in melted sugar.
But Jon never fails to enjoy his job. Look how he stood out in blue!

It is also about this time we started giving out lollipops!

Oh, the sugar rush! Candyfloss, unlimited lollipops... you have some kids starting to turn cranky. An anonymous mom told me when I wanted to offer her son a lolli "No! No more! Look at him!"

The little boy was kicking her shoes with his left leg, and then his right and then goes around her and then repeats the kick again.. this went on for a while and I decided that, yes, he's had enough sugar for the day.

10.00am: Was abandoned by Lilian as she had to sit by the laptop to key in contacts. Was abandoned by Harry as he had to go smoke.

10.15am: The sun shines in full blast rays...

Just like every year, we stand around trying to be useful...

10.30: Abandons Crowd Control job. Too hot! Attempted to help with Ping Pong game. But picking up ping pong balls suck too. Abandons camp to go spread the word about Traders - by giving out our limited edition Traders Eco-friendly Shopper Bag.

Also took part in Impiana'sgame booth to try win some prizes but sadly lost. Chowchow got a free night stay at Impiana! With breakfast somemore! It is loudly suggested and rumoured that he will take Wei with him.

11.15: Hot air balloon does its last ride as it was getting too warm. Group photo!!! (photo to follow soon)

11.30: head on to the famous Sate Kajang~

12.00pm: Arrives at Sate Kajang! everyone ate the same thing - Sate. Only last year, one of our colleague insisted on Soup Noodles. This year, that did not happen because she has left. Everyone ordered Coconut drinks too. Instead, the dude brought out a crate of Coca-cola. Of course, we had them sent back and got us real Coconuts. And then they gave all of us plastic spoons so we couldn't scoop out the flesh.

In any case, that was good pre-lim lunch.

12.45pm: Head back to PJ! "This is a good time to sleep!" says I. JC plays game on his iPhone, everyone else try to get comfy and fitted into their little spot in the car. Driver AP feels crappy that he has to drive. It was at this moment that Harry says "This is a good time not to be driving!" After a short bout of F words, everyone doze off.

1.30pm: reach home!

2.00pm: knocked out.

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MadameMoiselle said...

so who was the unlucky one this year that had to supply the nasi lemak for the entire kampung??

Cant believe they never broke out from the year tradition, visiting kajang satay.. bet it's Mr. Saiful's suggestion??