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09 December 2007

"What chemicals do they sell?"

One day at work (a telephone conversation conveyed by one of the managers):

"My Chemical Romance will be coming up to the bar later"
"OK, where is this company from? What chemicals do they sell?"

Later on...

"You haven't heard of them?" asked Yvonne.
"No, what songs do they sing?" asked another.
"Erm, Helena... Black Parade..." said Yvonne knowing only these two songs.
"Oh, the video with the funeral thing... scary" offered another who probably have Astro and MTV at home.
"How come you guys haven't heard of them?" asked Yvonne trying to sound a bit more updated than the rest.
"Don't know. Beyond I know la," said another.

For the record, I do know who My Chemical Romance is. I have their song "Helena" in my laptop! "Black Parade" is somewhere.. I couldn't find it... somewhere. Anyways, I know a grand total of 2 songs by MCR. And I do think that these two songs are pretty good. You do find yourself humming to it sometimes. Well, I do.

I have always thought they were a bit goth and emo and stuff. But thanks to Wikipedia (which I have just utilized 3 minutes ago), I now know that they deny being emo. They are rock or violent and dangerous pop. Wow, the whole music genre vocab is growing everyday.

Anyways, I'm excited to go to their concert tonight. Believe it or not, this is my first concert. I'm just really worried about "fitting in". Who are their fans? What do they talk about? What do they wear?

I have decided to wear something blackish because
a) I'll probably blend in better... somehow something tells me that everyone will wear black
b) I suppose when there are a lot of people, all the pushing and shoving will probably result in dirt on light coloured clothes
c) it is monsoon season and it will definitely rain and the ground will get muddy and slushy and splashy and think about the laundry later on
d) so it will rain and we will get wet and wearing white is just a bit rude isn't it?

I think I'm giving this whole concert thing too much thought.


agung said...

it's okay. a gig-virgin you'll be no more.

hope you had/you're having a great time.

*sho* said...

gig-virgin?? tht's new.. lol..
YOU'RE GOING TO SEE MCR?!! *screeeeam*
i know 2 of their songs onli as well.. lol.. hmmmm

maybe tht's al they sing?? lol. can't wait to hear all about it ;)